Our stock portfolio
1100 shares are assessed daily!

We evaluate stocks from the following indices: DAX, MDAX, SDAX, CDAX, SCALE, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, EURO STOXX 50, FTSE 100, CAC 40, ATX and MSCI World. 

We pay particular attention to the evaluation of numerous medium-sized and small German companies - a unique selling point, that sets us apart.

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stocks. ISIN index
029 group DE000A2LQ2D0 CDAX
1&1 AG DE0005545503 SDAX
11880 Solutions DE0005118806 CDAX
123driving school DE000A2P4HL9 CDAX
2G Energy DE000A0HL8N9 CDAX
2invest DE000A3H3L44 CDAX
3I Group GB00B1YW4409 FTSE100
3M US88579Y1010 S & P500
3U DE0005167902 CDAX
7C solar parks DE000A11QW68 CDAX
A. O. Smith US8318652091 S & P500
AS Création wallpapers DE000A1TNNN5 CDAX
aap implants DE000A3H2101 CDAX
Abbott Laboratories US0028241000 S & P500
AbbVie Inc. US00287Y1091 S & P500
ABO Wind DE0005760029 CDAX
About You DE000A3CNK42 SDAX
Accentro Real Estate DE000A0KFKB3 CDAX
Accenture IE00B4BNMY34 S & P500
Acciona Nergias Renovables ES0105563003 MSCI World
ad pepper media NL0000238145 CDAX
adesso DE000A0Z23Q5 SDAX
adidas DE000A1EWWW0 DAX
Adler Group LU1250154413 SCALE
Admiral Group GB00B02J6398 FTSE100
Adobe Systems Inc. US00724F1012 S & P500
Adtran Holdings US00486H1059 SDAX
Adtran Networks DE0005103006 SDAX
Advance Auto Parts US00751Y1064 S & P500
Advanced blockchain DE000A0M93V6 CDAX
AES Corp. US00130H1059 S & P500
Aflac US0010551028 S & P500
Agco Corp. US0010841023 MSCI World
Agilent Technologies Inc. US00846U1016 S & P500
Ahold Delhaize NL0011794037 EURO STOXX 50
aifinyo DE000A3EX2X7 CDAX
Air Liquide SA FR0000120073 EURO STOXX 50
Air Products & Chemicals US0091581068 S & P500
Airbnb US0090661010 NASDAQ100
airbus NL0000235190 DAX
Akamai Technologies Inc. US00971T1016 S & P500
Aker BP NO0010345853 MSCI World
Alaska Air Group US0116591092 S & P500
ALBA DE0006209901 CDAX
Albemarle US0126531013 S & P500
ALBIS leasing DE0006569403 CDAX
ALCOA CORP. US0138721065 S & P500
Alexanderwerk DE000A37FTW0 CDAX
Alexandria Real Estate US0152711091 S & P500
Alfen NL0012817175 MSCI World
Alibaba US01609W1027 MSCI World
Align Technology Inc. US0162551016 S & P500
All for One Group DE0005110001 CDAX
allegation IE00BFRT3W74 S & P500
Allgeier DE000A2GS633 CDAX
Alliance Energy US0188021085 S & P500
alliance DE0008404005 DAX
Allstate Corp. US0200021014 S & P500
Alphabet (google) Inc. Class A US02079K3059 S & P500
Alphabet (google) Inc. Class C US02079K1079 S & P500
Alstom FR0010220475 CAC40
alstria office REIT-AG DE000A0LD2U1 CDAX
Altria Group Inc. US02209S1033 S & P500
AlzChem Group DE000A2YNT30 CDAX
Amadeus FiRe DE0005093108 SDAX
Amadeus IT Holding SA ES0109067019 EURO STOXX 50
Amalphi DE0008131350 CDAX
Amazon US0231351067 S & P500
AMD US0079031078 S & P500
American Airlines US02376R1023 S & P500
American Electric Power US0255371017 S & P500
American Express Co. US0258161092 S & P500
American International Group (AIG) US0268747849 S & P500
American Tower US03027X1000 S & P500
American Water Works US0304201033 S & P500
AmericasourceBergen US03073E1055 S & P500
Ametek US0311001004 S & P500
Amgen Inc. US0311621009 S & P500
amphenol US0320951017 S & P500
Analog Devices Inc. US0326541051 S & P500
Andritz AG AT0000730007 ATX
Anglo-American GB00B1XZS820 FTSE100
Anheuser-Busch BE0974293251 EURO STOXX 50
Ansys Inc. US03662Q1058 S & P500
Antofagasta GB0000456144 FTSE100
aovo tourism DE0008074659 CDAX
Apontis Pharma DE000A3CMGM5 SCALE
Apple US0378331005 S & P500
Applied Materials Inc. US0382221051 S & P500
aptive JE00B783TY65 S & P500
ArcelorMittal LU1598757687 CAC40
Archer Daniels Midland US0394831020 S & P500
Arista Networks US0404131064 S & P500
Aroundtown LU1673108939 MDAX
Artec Technologies DE0005209589 CDAX
Arthur J Gallagher US3635761097 S & P500
artnet DE000A1K0375 CDAX
Ashtead Group GB0000536739 FTSE100
ASML Holding NV NL0010273215 EURO STOXX 50
Assurant US04621X1081 S & P500
Astra Zeneca PLC GB0009895292 EURO STOXX 50
AT&S AT0000969985 CDAX
AT&T Inc. US00206R1023 S & P500
Atai Life Sciences NL0015000DX5 CDAX
Atlassian US0494681010 NASDAQ100
AtmosEnergy US0495601058 S & P500
ATOSS software DE0005104400 SDAX
Aumann DE000A2DAM03 CDAX
Aurelius Equity Opportunities DE000A0JK2A8 CDAX
Aurubis DE0006766504 MDAX
Auto Trader Group GB00BVYVFW23 FTSE100
Auto1 Group DE000A2LQ884 SDAX
Autodesk Inc. US0527691069 S & P500
Automatic data processing US0530151036 S & P500
AutoZone Energy US0533321024 S & P500
Avalon Bay Communities US0534841012 S & P500
Avery Dennison US0536111091 S & P500
Aviva GB00BPQY8M80 FTSE100
AXA SA FR0000120628 EURO STOXX 50
BRAIN DE0005203947 CDAX
B + S banking systems DE0001262152 CDAX
Baader Bank DE0005088108 CDAX
BAE Systems GB0002634946 FTSE100
Baker Huges US05722G1004 S & P500
ball corp US0584981064 S & P500
Ballard Power CA0585861085 MSCI World
Banco Bilbao Biscay Argent ES0113211835 EURO STOXX 50
Banco BPM IT0005218380 MSCI World
Banco Santander SA ES0113900J37 EURO STOXX 50
Bank of America Corp. US0605051046 S & P500
Bank of New York US0640581007 S & P500
Barclays GB0031348658 FTSE100
Barratt Developments GB0000811801 FTSE100
Barrick Gold CA0679011084 MSCI World
Basler DE0005102008 CDAX
Bastei Lübbe DE000A1X3YY0 CDAX
Farmer DE0005168108 CDAX
Bavaria Industries Group DE0002605557 CDAX
Baxter International Inc. US0718131099 S & P500
Bayer DE000BAY0017 DAX
BayWa DE0005194062 SDAX
BayWa NA DE0005194005 CDAX
BB Biotech CH0038389992 EURO STOXX 50
Beaconsmind CH0451123589 SCALE
Beazley PLC GB00BYQ0JC66 FTSE100
Bechtle DE0005158703 MDAX
Becton, Dickinson & Co. US0758871091 S & P500
Befesa LU1704650164 MDAX
Beiersdorf DE0005200000 DAX
Berentzen Group DE0005201602 CDAX
Berkshire Hathaway B US0846707026 S & P500
Berlin effects. DE0005221303 CDAX
Bertrandt DE0005232805 CDAX
best buy US0865161014 S & P500
Beta Systems DE000A2BPP88 CDAX
bet-at-home.com DE000A0DNAY5 CDAX
Bijou Brigitte DE0005229504 CDAX
Bike24 Holding EN000A3CQ7F4 CDAX
Bilfinger DE0005909006 MDAX
Billerud SE0000862997 MSCI World
Binect DE000A3H2135 SCALE
Biofrontera DE0006046113 CDAX
Bio-Gate DE000BGAG981 CDAX
Biogen Idec Inc. US09062X1037 S & P500
BioNTech US09075V1026 CDAX
Bio-Rad Laboratories US0905722072 S & P500
Biotest ST DE0005227201 CDAX
biotest Vz DE0005227235 CDAX
Birkenstock Holding JE00BS44BN30 SCALE
Bitcoin Group DE000A1TNV91 CDAX
BlackRock US09247X1019 S & P500
Blue cap DE000A0JM2M1 CDAX
BMW DE0005190003 DAX
BMW VZ DE0005190037 CDAX
BNP Paribas SA FR0000131104 EURO STOXX 50
Boeing Co. US0970231058 S & P500
Booking Holdings US09857L1089 S & P500
BorgWarner US0997241064 S & P500
Boston Properties US1011211018 S & P500
Boston Scientific US1011371077 S & P500
Bouygues FR0000120503 CAC40
Brambles Ltd AU000000BXB1 MSCI World
Branicks Group DE000A1X3XX4 SCALE
Bread Financial US0185811082 MSCI World
Brenntag DE000A1DAHH0 DAX
Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. US1101221083 S & P500
British American Tobacco GB0002875804 EURO STOXX 50
British Petrol (BP) GB0007980591 EURO STOXX 50
Broadcom US11135F1012 S & P500
Broadridge Financial US11133T1034 S & P500
Brockhaus Capital Management DE000A2GSU42 CDAX
Brown-Forman B US1156372096 S & P500
BT Group GB0030913577 FTSE100
Bunzl GB00B0744B38 FTSE100
Burberry GB0031743007 FTSE100
BVB (Borussia Dortmund) DE0005493092 CDAX
BYD CNE100000296 MSCI World
CA real estate investments AT0000641352 ATX
Cabot US1270551013 S & P500
Cadence Design Systems US1273871087 S & P500
Campbell Soup Company US1344291091 S & P500
CANCOM DE0005419105 SDAX
Capgemini FR0000125338 CAC40
Capital One Financial Corp. US14040H1059 S & P500
Capri Holdings VGG1890L1076 S & P500
Capsensixx DE000A2G9M17 CDAX
Cardinal Health US14149Y1082 S & P500
Carl Zeiss MediTec DE0005313704 MDAX
CarMax US1431301027 S & P500
Carnival Corporation PA1436583006 S & P500
Carrefour FR0000120172 CAC40
Carrier Global US14448C1045 S & P500
Catalent US1488061029 S & P500
Caterpillar US1491231015 S & P500
CBRE Group US12504L1098 S & P500
CDW Corporation US12514G1085 S & P500
Ceconomy DE0007257503 SDAX
Celanese US1508701034 S & P500
CENIT DE0005407100 CDAX
centene US15135B1017 S & P500
CenterPoint Energy US15189T1079 S & P500
Centogens NL0014040206 CDAX
Centrica GB00B033F229 FTSE100
Centrotherm International DE000A1TNMM9 CDAX
CeoTronics DE0005407407 CDAX
CEWE DE0005403901 SDAX
CF Industries Holdings US1252691001 S & P500
CH Robinson Worldwide US12541W2098 S & P500
Chapters Group AG DE0006618309 SCALE
Charles Schwab US8085131055 S & P500
CHARTER COM. CL. A. US16119P1084 S & P500
Check Point Software IL0010824113 MSCI World
Cherry DE000A3CRRN9 CDAX
Chevron Corp. US1667641005 S & P500
Chipotle Mexican Grill US1696561059 S & P500
Church & Dwight US1713401024 S & P500
Cigna US1255231003 S & P500
Cincinnati Financial US1720621010 S & P500
Cintas Corp. US1729081059 MSCI World
Cisco Systems Inc. US17275R1023 S & P500
Citigroup Inc. US1729674242 S & P500
Citizens Financial Group US1746101054 S & P500
clearvise AG DE000A1EWXA4 SCALE
Cleveland Cliffs US1858991011 MSCI World
CLIQ Digital DE000A35JS40 CDAX
Clorox US1890541097 S & P500
CME Group US12572Q1058 S & P500
CMS Energy US1258961002 S & P500
Coke US1912161007 S & P500
Cogia AG DE000A3H2226 SCALE
Cognizant Technology Solutions US1924461023 S & P500
Coinbase US19260Q1076 MSCI World
Colgate-Palmolive US1941621039 S & P500
Comcast Corp. US20030N1019 S & P500
Comerica US2003401070 S & P500
Commerzbank DE000CBK1001 DAX
Compass Group GB00BD6K4575 FTSE100
Compass Pathways US20451W1018 CDAX
CompuGroup Medical DE000A288904 SDAX
Conagra Brands US2058871029 S & P500
ConocoPhillips US20825C1045 S & P500
Consolidated Edison US2091151041 S & P500
Constellation Brands US21036P1084 S & P500
Constellation software CA21037X1006 MSCI World
Continental DE0005439004 DAX
ConvaTec Group GB00BD3VFW73 FTSE100
Cooper Companies US2166484020 S & P500
copart US2172041061 S & P500
Coreo DE000A0B9VV6 CDAX
CoreState Capital LU1296758029 SCALE
corning US2193501051 S & P500
Corteva US22052L1044 S & P500
CoStar US22160N1090 NASDAQ100
Costco Wholesale Corp. US22160K1051 S & P500
Coty Inc. US2220702037 S & P500
Covestro DE0006062144 DAX
Covivio Office DE000A2G8XX3 CDAX
CR Capital Real Estate DE000A2GS625 CDAX
Credit Agricole FR0000045072 CAC40
Creditshelf DE000A2LQUA5 CDAX
Croda International GB00BJFFLV09 FTSE100
CropEnergies DE000A0LAUP1 CDAX
CrowdStrike US22788C1053 NASDAQ100
Crown Castle International US22822V1017 S & P500
CSX Corp. US1264081035 S & P500
CTS Eventim DE0005470306 MDAX
Cummins US2310211063 S & P500
CureVac NL0015436031 CDAX
CVS Health Corp. US1266501006 S & P500
Cyan DE000A2E4SV8 CDAX
CytoTools DE000A0KFRJ1 CDAX
DR Horton US23331A1097 S & P500
Daimler Truck Holding AG DE000DTR0CK8 DAX
Daldrup & Sons DE0007830572 CDAX
Danaher Corp. US2358511028 S & P500
Danone FR0000120644 EURO STOXX 50
Darden restaurants US2371941053 S & P500
Dassault Systèmes FR0014003TT8 CAC40
Datagroup DE000A0JC8S7 CDAX
Datron DE000A0V9LA7 CDAX
DCC IE0002424939 FTSE100
Dechra Pharmaceuticals GB0009633180 FTSE100
Deckers Outdoor US2435371073 S & P500
Deere & Co. US2441991054 S & P500
DEFAMA German specialist market DE000A13SUL5 CDAX
Delignite DE000A0MZ4B0 CDAX
Delivery Hero DE000A2E4K43 MDAX
Delta Airlines US2473617023 S & P500
Delticom DE0005146807 CDAX
DEMIRE Deutsche Mittelstand Real Estate DE000A0XFSF0 CDAX
Dentsply Sirona Inc. US24906P1093 S & P500
Dermapharm DE000A2GS5D8 SDAX
Deutsche Bank DE0005140008 DAX
Deutsche Beteiligungs AG DE000A1TNUT7 SDAX
German Stock Exchange DE0005810055 DAX
German cannabis DE000A0BVVK7 CDAX
German Homeowners Union DE000A0STWH9 SCALE
German Euroshop DE0007480204 CDAX
German property auctions DE0005533400 CDAX
German consumer REIT-AG DE000A14KRD3 CDAX
German Pfandbrief Bank (pbb) DE0008019001 SDAX
Deutsche Post (DHL) DE0005552004 DAX
German raw material DE000A0XYG76 CDAX
Deutsche Telekom DE0005557508 DAX
German living DE000A0HN5C6 CDAX
DEUTZ DE0006305006 SDAX
DevonEnergy US25179M1036 S & P500
DEWB DE0008041005 CDAX
DF Deutsche Forfait DE000A2AA204 CDAX
DFV German family insurance DE000A2NBVD5 CDAX
Diageo GB0002374006 FTSE100
Dierig DE0005580005 CDAX
Digital Realty Trust Inc. US2538681030 S & P500
DIPLOMA GB0001826634 FTSE100
Discover Financial Services US2547091080 S & P500
Dish Network Corp. US25470M1099 S & P500
DMG MORI DE0005878003 CDAX
DO & CO AT0000818802 CDAX
DocCheck DE000A1A6WE6 CDAX
dollar general US2566771059 S & P500
Dollar Tree Inc. US2567461080 S & P500
Dominion Energy US25746U1097 S & P500
Domino's Pizza US25754A2015 S & P500
dover US2600031080 S & P500
Dow Inc. US2605571031 S & P500
Dr Hönle DE0005157101 CDAX
Drägerwerk ST DE0005550602 CDAX
Drägerwerk Vz DE0005550636 SDAX
DS Smith GB0008220112 FTSE100
DTE Energy US2333311072 S & P500
Duke Energy Corp. US26441C2044 S & P500
Dry DE0005565204 SDAX
DWS (Deutsche Asset Management) DE000DWS1007 SDAX
DXC Technology US23355L1061 S & P500
Eastman Chemical US2774321002 S & P500
eaton IE00B8KQN827 S & P500
eBay US2786421030 S & P500
Eckert & Ziegler DE0005659700 SDAX
Ecolab US2788651006 S & P500
ecotel communication DE0005854343 CDAX
EDAG Engineering CH0303692047 SCALE
Noble DE0005649503 CDAX
Edenred FR0010908533 CAC40
EDP Renovaveis ES0127797019 MSCI World
Edwards Life Sciences US28176E1082 S & P500
Einhell Germany DE0005654933 CDAX
Ekotechnika AG DE000A161234 SCALE
Electronic Arts US2855121099 S & P500
ElevanceHealth US0367521038 S & P500
elexxion DE000A0KFKH0 SCALE
Eli Lilly and Company US5324571083 S & P500
Elmos Semiconductor DE0005677108 SDAX
ElringKlinger DE0007856023 CDAX
Elumeo DE000A11Q059 CDAX
Emerson Electric US2910111044 S & P500
Enapter DE000A255G02 CDAX
EnBW DE0005220008 CDAX
Endeavor Mining GB00BL6K5J42 FTSE100
Enel SpA IT0003128367 EURO STOXX 50
Energiekontor DE0005313506 SDAX
Engie SA FR0010208488 EURO STOXX 50
Eni SpA IT0003132476 EURO STOXX 50
EnphaseEnergy US29355A1079 S & P500
Entain IM00B5VQMV65 FTSE100
entergy US29364G1031 S & P500
EnviTec biogas DE000A0MVLS8 CDAX
EOG Resources US26875P1012 S & P500
Epigenomics DE000A32VN83 SCALE
EQS Group DE0005494165 CDAX
Equifax US2944291051 S & P500
Equinix US29444U7000 S & P500
Equinor NO0010096985 MSCI World
ERG SpA IT0001157020 MSCI World
Adventure academy DE0001644565 SCALE
Ernst Russ DE000A161077 CDAX
First Group Bank AT0000652011 ATX
ERWE real estate DE000A1X3WX6 CDAX
Essex Property Trust US2971781057 S & P500
EssilorLuxottica FR0000121667 EURO STOXX 50
Estee Lauder US5184391044 S & P500
Etsy US29786A1060 S & P500
Eurofins Scientific FR0014000MR3 CAC40
Eurokai VZ DE0005706535 CDAX
EV Digital Invest DE000A3DD6W5 SCALE
Everest Reinsurance Group BMG3223R1088 S & P500
Evergy US30034W1062 S & P500
Eversource Energy US30040W1080 S & P500
EVN AG AT0000741053 ATX
Evonik DE000EVNK013 MDAX
Evotec DE0005664809 MDAX
Exasol DE000A0LR9G9 SCALE
exceet Group LU0472835155 CDAX
Excelon US30161N1019 S & P500
Expedia Inc. US30212P3038 S & P500
Expeditors Int. of Washington US3021301094 S & P500
Experian GB00B19NLV48 FTSE100
Extra space storage US30225T1025 S & P500
Exxon Mobil Corp. US30231G1022 S & P500
F5 Networks Inc. US3156161024 S & P500
Fabasoft AT0000785407 CDAX
Fastenal Company US3119001044 S & P500
FCR real estate DE000A1YC913 CDAX
FedEx Corp. US31428X1063 S & P500
Fidelity National Information Services US31620M1062 S & P500
Fielmann DE0005772206 SDAX
Fifth Third Bancorp US3167731005 S & P500
First sensor DE0007201907 CDAX
First Solar US3364331070 S & P500
FirstEnergy US3379321074 S & P500
Fiserv US3377381088 S & P500
flatex DE000FTG1111 SDAX
Fleetcor Technologies US3390411052 S & P500
Flowserve US34354P1057 S & P500
Flutter Entertainment IE00BWT6H894 FTSE100
Ford Motor Co. US3453708600 S & P500
FORIS DE0005775803 CDAX
Formycon DE000A1EWVY8 CDAX
FORTEC electronics DE0005774103 CDAX
Fortinet US34959E1091 S & P500
Fortive Corp. US34959J1088 S & P500
Fortune Brands Innovations US34964C1062 S & P500
FOX CORP. US35137L1052 S & P500
Francotyp-Postalia DE000FPH9000 CDAX
Fraport DE0005773303 MDAX
freenet DE000A0Z2ZZ5 MDAX
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. US35671D8570 S & P500
Fresenius DE0005785604 DAX
Fresenius Medical Care DE0005785802 MDAX
Fresnillo GB00B2QPKJ12 FTSE100
FRIWO DE0006201106 CDAX
Frosta DE0006069008 CDAX
Fox ST DE000A3E5D56 CDAX
Fox vz DE000A3E5D64 MDAX
Funkwerk DE0005753149 CDAX
gap US3647601083 S & P500
Gardener US3666511072 S & P500
Gateway Real Estate DE000A0JJTG7 CDAX
Gas transport Technigaz FR0011726835 MSCI World
GBS software DE000A3MQR99 CDAX
GEA Group DE0006602006 MDAX
General Dynamics Corp. US3695501086 S & P500
General Electric US3696043013 S & P500
General Mills US3703341046 S & P500
General Motors US37045V1008 S & P500
Genuine Parts Company US3724601055 S & P500
Geratherm Medical DE0005495626 CDAX
Gerresheimer DE000A0LD6E6 MDAX
Gesco DE000A1K0201 CDAX
GFT DE0005800601 CDAX
GIEAG real estate. DE0005492276 SCALE
Gilead Sciences Inc. US3755581036 S & P500
Glaxo Smith Kline PLC GB00BN7SWP63 FTSE100
Glencore JE00B4T3BW64 MSCI World
Global Fashion Group LU2010095458 SDAX
Global Payments US37940X1028 S & P500
Globe Life US37959E1029 S & P500
Going Public Media DE0007612103 SCALE
Goldman Sachs US38141G1040 S & P500
GORE German Office Real Estate DE000A0Z26C8 CDAX
Grammer DE0005895403 CDAX
Grand City Properties LU0775917882 SDAX
Greiffenberger DE0005897300 CDAX
Haemato DE000A289VV1 CDAX
Halliburton Co. US4062161017 S & P500
Halma GB0004052071 FTSE100
Hamborner Reit AG DE000A3H2333 SDAX
Port of Hamburg DE000A0S8488 CDAX
Hanesbrands US4103451021 S & P500
Hannover Re DE0008402215 DAX
HanseYachts DE000A0KF6M8 CDAX
Hapag-Lloyd DE000HLAG475 CDAX
Hargreaves Lansdown GB00B1VZ0M25 FTSE100
Hasbro US4180561072 S & P500
Haverty Furniture US4195961010 MSCI World
HCA Healthcare US40412C1018 S & P500
Healthpeak Properties US42250P1030 S & P500
Heidelberg Material DE0006047004 DAX
Heidelberg Pharma DE000A11QVV0 CDAX
Heidelberg printing machines DE0007314007 SDAX
Heineken NL0000009165 MSCI World
Heliad AG DE0001218063 CDAX
Hella DE000A13SX22 MDAX
HelloFresh DE000A161408 MDAX
Helma home construction DE000A0EQ578 CDAX
Handle ST DE0006048408 CDAX
Henkel Vz DE0006048432 DAX
Henry Schein Inc. US8064071025 S & P500
Hensoldt DE000HAG0005 MDAX
Hermes FR0000052292 CAC40
Hermle, Berthold VZ DE0006052830 CDAX
Hershey Company US4278661081 S & P500
Hess US42809H1077 S & P500
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. US42824C1099 S & P500
Highlight Communications CH0006539198 SCALE
Hikma Pharmaceuticals GB00B0LCW083 FTSE100
Hilton Worldwide Holdings US43300A2033 S & P500
HIGH LOW DE0006070006 MDAX
Hologic US4364401012 S & P500
Home Depot Inc. US4370761029 S & P500
Home24 DE000A14KEB5 SCALE
Homes & Holiday DE000A3E5E63 CDAX
HomeToGo LU2290523658 SCALE
Honeywell International Inc. US4385161066 S & P500
Hormel Foods US4404521001 S & P500
Hornbach Holding DE0006083405 SDAX
Host Hotels & Resorts US44107P1049 S & P500
Howmet Aerospace US4432011082 S & P500
HP Inc. US40434L1052 S & P500
HSBC Holdings GB0005405286 FTSE100
Humana US4448591028 S & P500
Huntington Bank Shares US4461501045 S & P500
Huntington Ingalls US4464131063 S & P500
Hypoport DE0005493365 SDAX
IBM Corp. US4592001014 S & P500
IBU-tec advanced materials DE000A0XYHT5 CDAX
IDEX Corporation US45167R1041 S & P500
IDEXX Laboratories Inc. US45168D1046 S & P500
Ifa Systems DE0007830788 CDAX
Illinois Tool Works US4523081093 S & P500
Illumina Inc. US4523271090 S & P500
Real estate finance AT0000A21KS2 ATX
Imperial Brands GB0004544929 MSCI World
InCity real estate DE000A0HNF96 CDAX
Incyte Corp. US45337C1027 S & P500
Inditex ES0148396007 EURO STOXX 50
Indus Holding DE0006200108 SDAX
Infineon DE0006231004 DAX
Informa PLC GB00BMJ6DW54 FTSE100
ING Group NV NL0011821202 EURO STOXX 50
Ingersoll Rand US45687V1061 S & P500
init innovation in traffic systems DE0005759807 CDAX
InnoTec TSS DE0005405104 CDAX
Instone Real Estate Group DE000A2NBX80 CDAX
Intel Corp. US4581401001 S & P500
Intercontinental Exchange Inc. US45866F1049 S & P500
InterContinental Hotels Group GB00BHJYC057 FTSE100
International Airlines Group ES0177542018 FTSE100
International Flavors & Fragrances US4595061015 S & P500
International Paper Co. US4601461035 S & P500
Interpublic Group US4606901001 S & P500
Intershop Communications DE000A254211 CDAX
entertainment DE0006223605 CDAX
Intertek Group GB0031638363 FTSE100
Intesa Sanpaolo SpA IT0000072618 EURO STOXX 50
InTiCa Systems DE0005874846 CDAX
Intuit Inc. US4612021034 S & P500
Intuitive Surgical US46120E6023 S & P500
InVision DE0005859698 CDAX
IPG Photonics US44980X1090 S & P500
IQVIA Holding US46266C1053 S & P500
Iron Mountain US46284V1017 S & P500
IT Competence Group NL0006129074 CDAX
IVU Traffic DE0007448508 CDAX
J Sainsbury GB00B019KW72 FTSE100
JM Smucker Company US8326964058 S & P500
Jack Henry & Associates US4262811015 S & P500
JD Sports Fashion GB00BM8Q5M07 FTSE100
JDC Group DE000A0B9N37 CDAX
Jenoptik DE000A2NB601 MDAX
Johnson & Johnson US4781601046 S & P500
JOST works DE000JST4000 SDAX
JPMorgan Chase & Co. US46625H1005 S & P500
Jungheinrich Vz DE0006219934 MDAX
Juniper Networks Inc. US48203R1041 S & P500
CAPE DE0006208408 CDAX
catek DE000A2TSQH7 SCALE
Kellogg US4878361082 S & P500
Kering SA FR0000121485 EURO STOXX 50
Keurig Dr Pepper Group US49271V1008 S & P500
KeyCorp US4932671088 S & P500
Keysight Technologies US49338L1035 S & P500
KHD Humboldt Wedag International DE0006578008 CDAX
Kimco Realty US49446R1095 S & P500
Children Morgan US49456B1017 S & P500
Kingfisher GB0033195214 FTSE100
Classic radio DE0007857476 CDAX
KLA-Tencor Corp. US4824801009 S & P500
Klöckner + Co DE000KC01000 SDAX
Knaus Tabbert DE000A2YN504 CDAX
Knorr brake DE000KBX1006 MDAX
Koenig & Bauer DE0007193500 SCALE
Kone FI0009013403 EURO STOXX 50
contron AT0000A0E9W5 SDAX
Kraft Heinz US5007541064 S & P500
KRONES DE0006335003 SDAX
KSB ST DE0006292006 SDAX
KSB Vz. DE0006292030 SDAX
Kurita Water Industries JP3270000007 MSCI World
KWS SAAT DE0007074007 SDAX
L3Harris Technologies US5024311095 MSCI World
Laboratory Co. (Labcorp) US50540R4092 S & P500
LAM Research Corp. US5128071082 S & P500
Lamb Weston US5132721045 S & P500
Land Securities Group GB00BYW0PQ60 FTSE100
Long & Black DE000LS1LUS9 CDAX
Lechwerke DE0006458003 CDAX
LEG real estate DE000LEG1110 MDAX
Legal & General GB0005603997 FTSE100
Legrand FR0010307819 CAC40
lennar US5260571048 S & P500
Lenzing AG AT0000644505 ATX
Limes Castle Clinics DE000A0JDBC7 SCALE
Linde plc IE000S9YS762 S & P500
Linus Digital Finance DE000A2QRHL6 SCALE
Live Nation Entertainment US5380341090 S & P500
LKQ Corp US5018892084 S & P500
Lloyd's Banking GB0008706128 FTSE100
Lockheed Martin US5398301094 S & P500
Loews US5404241086 S & P500
Logwin LU1618151879 CDAX
London Stock Exchange (LSE) GB00B0SWJX34 FTSE100
L'Oréal SA FR0000120321 EURO STOXX 50
Lowe's Companies Inc. US5486611073 S & P500
LPKF Laser Electronics DE0006450000 CDAX
LS telcom DE0005754402 CDAX
Ludwig Beck am Rathauseck - Feldmeier textile house DE0005199905 CDAX
Lufthansa DE0008232125 MDAX
Lumen Technologies US5502411037 S & P500
LVMH SA FR0000121014 EURO STOXX 50
Lyondellbasell NL0009434992 S & P500
M1 clinics DE000A0STSQ8 CDAX
Macy's Inc. US55616P1049 S & P500
Manz DE000A0JQ5U3 CDAX
Marathon Petroleum US56585A1025 S & P500
Marks & Spencer GB0031274896 FTSE100
Marsh & McLennan US5717481023 S & P500
Martin Marietta Materials US5732841060 S & P500
maco US5745991068 S & P500
MasterCard Inc. US57636Q1040 S & P500
Masterflex DE0005492938 CDAX
MATERNUS clinics DE0006044001 CDAX
Mattel Inc. US5770811025 S & P500
MAX Automation DE000A2DA588 CDAX
McCormick US5797802064 S & P500
McDonalds Corp. US5801351017 S & P500
McKesson US58155Q1031 S & P500
Media and Games Invest SE0018538068 CDAX
MediClin DE0006595101 CDAX
Medifast US58470H1014 MSCI World
Medigene DE000A1X3W00 CDAX
MEDION DE0006605009 CDAX
Medios DE000A1MMCC8 CDAX
Medtronic IE00BTN1Y115 S & P500
Melrose Industries GB00BNGDN821 FTSE100
Man and machine DE0006580806 CDAX
MercadoLibre US58733R1023 NASDAQ100
Mercedes-Benz Group (Daimler) DE0007100000 DAX
Merck & Co. Inc. US58933Y1055 S & P500
Merck KGaA DE0006599905 DAX
Mercury Bank DE0008148206 CDAX
Meta (facebook) Inc. US30303M1027 S & P500
Meta Wolf Inc DE000A254203 SCALE
Metro VZ DE000BFB0027 CDAX
Mettler-Toledo US5926881054 S & P500
MeVis Medical Solutions DE000A0LBFE4 CDAX
MGM Resorts International US5529531015 S & P500
MHP Hotel DE000A3E5C24 SCALE
mic AG DE000A254W52 CDAX
Michelin FR001400AJ45 CAC40
Microchip Technology Inc. US5950171042 S & P500
Micron Technology Inc. US5951121038 S & P500
Microsoft US5949181045 S & P500
MicroStrategy US5949724083 NASDAQ100
Mid-American apartment US59522J1034 S & P500
Mister Spex DE000A3CSAE2 SCALE
MKS Instruments US55306N1046 MSCI World
MLP DE0006569908 SDAX
Mobotix DE0005218309 CDAX
Moderna US60770K1079 NASDAQ100
Mohawk Industries US6081901042 S & P500
Molson Coors Brewing US60871R2094 S & P500
Mondelez International Inc. US6092071058 S & P500
Mondi GB00B1CRLC47 FTSE100
Monolithic Power Systems US6098391054 S & P500
Monster Beverage US61174X1090 S & P500
moody's US6153691059 S & P500
Morgan Stanley US6174464486 S & P500
MorphoSys DE0006632003 MDAX
Motorola Solutions US6200763075 S & P500
Mountain Alliance DE000A12UK08 CDAX
Mowi ASA NO0003054108 EURO STOXX 50
MPH Health Care DE000A289V03 CDAX
MS industry DE0005855183 CDAX
MSCI Inc. US55354G1004 S & P500
MTU Aero Engines DE000A0D9PT0 DAX
Muehlhan DE000A0KD0F7 CDAX
Mühlbauer DE0006627201 CDAX
Müller - The purple logistics DE0006214687 CDAX
Multitude FI4000106299 CDAX
Munich Re DE0008430026 DAX
Mutares DE000A2NB650 SDAX
mVISE DE0006204589 CDAX
MVV energy DE000A0H52F5 CDAX
mwb fairtrade DE0006656101 CDAX
Mynaric DE000A31C305 SCALE
Nabaltec DE000A0KPPR7 CDAX
Naga Group DE000A161NR7 CDAX
Nagarro DE000A3H2200 SDAX
NanoRepro DE0006577109 CDAX
National Grid GB00BDR05C01 FTSE100
Nat West Group GB00BM8PJY71 FTSE100
Nemetschek DE0006452907 MDAX
Net Digital AG DE000A2BPK34 SCALE
NetApp Inc. US64110D1046 S & P500
Netflix.com US64110L1061 S & P500
Netfonds AG DE000A1MME74 SCALE
New Work DE000NWRK013 CDAX
Newmont Mining Corp. US6516391066 S & P500
News Corp. Class A US65249B1098 S & P500
News Corp. Class B. US65249B2088 S & P500
NextPLC GB0032089863 FTSE100
NextEra Energy Inc. US65339F1012 S & P500
NEXUS DE0005220909 CDAX
niiio Finance Group DE000A2G8332 SCALE
Nike US6541061031 S & P500
Nintendo JP3756600007 MSCI World
Nio US62914V1061 MSCI World
Nokia Corp. FI0009000681 EURO STOXX 50
Noratis DE000A2E4MK4 CDAX
NorCom DE000A12UP37 CDAX
Nordex DE000A0D6554 MDAX
Norfolk Southern Corp. US6558441084 S & P500
Norsk Hydro NO0005052605 MSCI World
Northern Data AG DE000A0SMU87 CDAX
Northrop Grumman Corp. US6668071029 S & P500
Novavax Inc US6700024010 S & P500
Novem Group LU2356314745 SCALE
Novo Nordisk DK0062498333 EURO STOXX 50
Nuremberg Beteiligungs AG DE0008435967 SCALE
NVIDIA Corp. US67066G1040 S & P500
NXP Semiconductors NL0009538784 NASDAQ100
Nynomic AG DE000A0MSN11 SCALE
Ocado Group GB00B3MBS747 FTSE100
Occidental Petroleum Corp. US6745991058 S & P500
OHB DE0005936124 CDAX
Ökoworld VZ DE0005408686 CDAX
Old Dominion Freight Line US6795801009 S & P500
OMV AT0000743059 CDAX
Oracle Corp. US68389X1054 S & P500
Orange SA FR0000133308 EURO STOXX 50
ORBIS DE0005228779 CDAX
O'Reilly Automotive Inc. US67103H1077 S & P500
Austrian post AT0000APOST4 ATX
Otis Worldwide US68902V1070 S & P500
OVB Holding DE0006286560 SCALE
PACCAR Inc. US6937181088 S & P500
Palantir Technologies US69608A1088 S & P500
Palo Alto Networks US6974351057 S & P500
Pantaflix DE000A12UPJ7 CDAX
Paragon DE0005558696 CDAX
Parker Hannifin US7010941042 MSCI World
PATRIZIA real estate DE000PAT1AG3 SDAX
Paul Hartmann DE0007474041 CDAX
Paychex Inc. US7043261079 S & P500
Paycom software US70432V1026 S & P500
PayPal Holdings Inc. US70450Y1038 S & P500
Pearson GB0006776081 FTSE100
PEH security DE0006201403 CDAX
PepsiCo Inc. US7134481081 S & P500
Pernod Ricard FR0000120693 CAC40
Perrigo Company IE00BGH1M568 S & P500
Pfeiffer Vacuum DE0006916604 SDAX
pferdewetten.de DE000A2YN777 CDAX
Pfizer Inc. US7170811035 S & P500
PharmaSGP Holding DE000A2P4LJ5 CDAX
Philip Morris Boarding School. Inc. US7181721090 S & P500
Philips Electronics NV NL0000009538 EURO STOXX 50
Phillips 66 US7185461040 S & P500
Phoenix Group GB00BGXQNP29 FTSE100
Pierer Mobility AG AT0000KTMI02 CDAX
Pinduoduo US7223041028 NASDAQ100
Plan Optik AG DE000A0HGQS8 CDAX
plug power US72919P2020 MSCI World
Polytec Holding AT0000A00XX9 CDAX
Porsche AG Vz DE000PAG9113 DAX
Porsche Automobil Holding SE DE000PAH0038 DAX
PREOS Real Estate DE000A2LQ850 CDAX
Pro DV AG DE0006967805 CDAX
ProCredit DE0006223407 CDAX
Procter & Gamble Corp. US7427181091 S & P500
Progress-Werk Oberkirch AG DE0006968001 CDAX
ProSiebenSat1 Media DE000PSM7770 SDAX
Prudential GB0007099541 FTSE100
Prysmian IT0004176001 MSCI World
PSI software DE000A0Z1JH9 CDAX
Publicis Groupe FR0000130577 CAC40
Publity DE0006972508 CDAX
Pulte Group US7458671010 S & P500
PUMA DE0006969603 MDAX
PVA TePla DE0007461006 SDAX
Pyrum Innovations DE000A2G8ZX8 SCALE
q.beyond DE0005137004 CDAX
QIAGEN NL0012169213 DAX
QUALCOMM Inc. US7475251036 S & P500
Quirin private bank DE0005202303 CDAX
R. Stahl DE000A1PHBB5 CDAX
Raiffeisen Bank International AT0000606306 CDAX
Raytheon Technologies US75513E1010 S & P500
RCM Beteiligungs AG DE000A1RFMY4 CDAX
Real Estate Income US7561091049 S & P500
Reckitt Benckiser GB00B24CGK77 FTSE100
Redcare Pharmacy NL0012044747 MDAX
Renault FR0000131906 CAC40
Renk Group DE000RENK730 SCALE
Rentokil Initial GB00B082RF11 FTSE100
Republic Services US7607591002 S & P500
Rheinmetall DE0007030009 DAX
Rhön Clinic DE0007042301 SDAX
Rightmove GB00BGDT3G23 FTSE100
Ring metal (ex HPI) EN000A3E5E55 CDAX
Rio Tinto GB0007188757 FTSE100
Roper Technologies US7766961061 S & P500
Ross Stores Inc. US7782961038 S & P500
Royal Caribbean Cruises LR0008862868 MSCI World
RS Group GB0003096442 FTSE100
RTL Group LU0061462528 MDAX
RWE AG DE0007037129 DAX
Ryanair IE00BYTBXV33 MSCI World
S IMMO AT0000652250 CDAX
sabesp US20441A1025 MSCI World
SAF-Holland DE000SAFH001 SDAX
saffron FR0000073272 EURO STOXX 50
Sage Group GB00B8C3BL03 FTSE100
Saint Gobain FR0000125007 CAC40
salesforce.com US79466L3024 S & P500
Salzgitter DE0006202005 SDAX
Samara Asset Group MT0001770107 SCALE
Sanofi FR0000120578 EURO STOXX 50
SAP DE0007164600 DAX
Sartorius ST DE0007165607 CDAX
Sartorius Vz DE0007165631 DAX
SBA Communications US78410G1040 S & P500
Scatec Solar NO0010715139 MSCI World
Schaeffler DE000SHA0159 SDAX
Scherzer & Co. DE0006942808 CDAX
Wachenheim Castle DE0007229007 CDAX
Schlumberger AN8068571086 S & P500
Schneider Electric FR0000121972 EURO STOXX 50
Schoeller-Bleckmann Oilfield AT0000946652 ATX
Schott Pharma DE000A3ENQ51 SDAX
Schweizer Electronic DE0005156236 CDAX
Scout24 DE000A12DM80 MDAX
Seagate Technology IE00BKVD2N49 S & P500
secunet Security Networks DE0007276503 CDAX
Segro GB00B5ZN1N88 FTSE100
ServiceNow US81762P1021 S & P500
Serviceware DE000A2G8X31 CDAX
Severn Trent GB00B1FH8J72 FTSE100
SFC Energy DE0007568578 SDAX
SGL carbon DE0007235301 SDAX
SGT German Private Equity DE000A1MMEV4 CDAX
Shareholder Value Bet. DE000A168205 CDAX
shell GB00BP6MXD84 EURO STOXX 50
Siemens DE0007236101 DAX
Siemens Energy AG DE000ENER6Y0 DAX
Siemens Healthineers DE000SHL1006 DAX
Siltronic DE000WAF3001 MDAX
Simon Property Group US8288061091 S & P500
Singulus Technologies DE000A1681X5 CDAX
sino DE0005765507 SCALE
SiriusXM US82968B1035 NASDAQ100
Sixt Leasing DE000A0DPRE6 CDAX
Sixt SE St DE0007231326 MDAX
Sixt VZ DE0007231334 CDAX
Skyworks Solutions US83088M1027 S & P500
Smartbroker Holding DE000A2GS609 CDAX
Smith & Nephew GB0009223206 FTSE100
Smith's Group GB00B1WY2338 FTSE100
Smurfit Kappa Group IE00B1RR8406 FTSE100
Snowflake US8334451098 S & P500
SNP Schneider-Neureither partner DE0007203705 SDAX
Société Générale FR0000130809 EURO STOXX 50
Softing DE0005178008 CDAX
Softline DE000A2DAN10 SCALE
Software AG DE000A2GS401 MDAX
Solutiance DE000A32VN59 SCALE
Solvay BE0003470755 MSCI World
Southern Company US8425871071 S & P500
Spirax-Sarco Engineering GB00BWFGQN14 FTSE100
Splendid media DE0007279507 CDAX
SpVgg. Unterhaching DE000A2TR919 CDAX
SSE PLC GB0007908733 FTSE100
St James's Place GB0007669376 FTSE100
Stabilus DE000STAB1L8 MDAX
Standard Chartered GB0004082847 FTSE100
Starbucks Corporation US8552441094 S & P500
Steico DE000A0LR936 CDAX
Stellantis NL00150001Q9 MSCI World
Stemmer imaging DE000A2G9MZ9 CDAX
Stericycle Inc. US8589121081 S & P500
Stinag Stuttgart Invest DE0007318008 CDAX
STMicroelectronics NL0000226223 CAC40
STO DE0007274136 SDAX
stock3 AG DE000A0S9QZ8 SCALE
Ströer DE0007493991 MDAX
stryker US8636671013 S & P500
Südzucker DE0007297004 SDAX
Great Micro Computers US86800U1043 MSCI World
Surteco Group DE0005176903 CDAX
Susan LU2333210958 SCALE
SÜSS MicroTec DE000A1K0235 SDAX
Symrise DE000SYM9999 DAX
SynBiotic DE000A3E5A59 SCALE
Synchrony Financial US87165B1035 S & P500
Synlab DE000A2TSL71 SDAX
Synopsys US8716071076 S & P500
syzygy DE0005104806 CDAX
T. Rowe Price Group US74144T1088 S & P500
TAG real estate DE0008303504 MDAX
Take Two Interactive Software US8740541094 S & P500
TAKKT DE0007446007 SDAX
Talanx DE000TLX1005 MDAX
Tapestry US8760301072 MSCI World
Target US87612E1064 S & P500
Taylor Wimpey GB0008782301 FTSE100
TeamViewer DE000A2YN900 MDAX
technotrans DE000A0XYGA7 CDAX
Telefónica ES0178430E18 EURO STOXX 50
Telefonica Germany DE000A1J5RX9 SCALE
Telekom Austria AT0000720008 ATX
Teleperformance FR0000051807 CAC40
Teles AG DE000A289B07 CDAX
Tesco PLC GB00BLGZ9862 FTSE100
Tesla US88160R1014 S & P500
Texas Instruments US8825081040 S & P500
Thales FR0000121329 CAC40
The Berkley Group GB00BLJNXL82 FTSE100
The Ground Real Estate Dev. DE000A2GSVV5 CDAX
The Platform Group DE000A2QEFA1 SCALE
The Social Chain AG DE000A1YC996 CDAX
The Walt Disney Company US2546871060 S & P500
ThermoFisher Scientific US8835561023 S & P500
thyssenkrupp DE0007500001 MDAX
ThyssenKrupp Nucera DE000NCA0001 SDAX
Tion Renewables DE000A2YN371 CDAX
TJX Companies US8725401090 S & P500
T-Mobile US US8725901040 S & P500
Tokentu Investment DE000A3CN9R8 SCALE
Tokyo Electron Ltd. JP3571400005 MSCI World
Tonies LU2333563281 CDAX
Tonkens Agrar AG DE000A1EMHE0 SCALE
TotalEnergies FR0000120271 EURO STOXX 50
Tradegate DE0005216907 CDAX
TransDigm Group US8936411003 S & P500
Traumhaus AG DE000A2NB7S2 CDAX
Travelers Companies US89417E1091 S & P500
Trex CO. US89531P1057 MSCI World
Tripadvisor US8969452015 S & P500
TTL Beteiligungs- und Grundbesitz-AG DE0007501009 CDAX
US Bancorp Fund Services LLC US9029733048 S & P500
Uber Technologies US90353T1007 S & P500
UBM Development AT0000815402 CDAX
UET United Electronic Technology DE000A0LBKW6 SCALE
Ulta Beauty US90384S3031 S & P500
UMT United Mobility Technology DE000A2YN702 CDAX
UmweltBank DE0005570808 CDAX
UniDevice AG DE000A11QLU3 CDAX
Unilever GB00B10RZP78 EURO STOXX 50
Union Pacific Corp US9078181081 S & P500
Uniper DE000UNSE026 CDAX
UNIQA Insurance AT0000821103 ATX
Unite Group GB0006928617 FTSE100
United Internet DE0005089031 MDAX
United Labels DE0005489561 CDAX
United Parcel Service Inc. US9113121068 S & P500
United Utilities GB00B39J2M42 FTSE100
UnitedHealth Group Inc. US91324P1021 S & P500
USU software DE000A0BVU28 CDAX
UZIN UTZ DE0007551509 CDAX
Vantage Towers DE000A3H3LL2 SCALE
va-Q-tec DE0006636681 CDAX
Varengold Bank AG DE0005479307 CDAX
Varta DE000A0TGJ55 SDAX
Vectron Systems DE000A0KEXC7 CDAX
Veganz Group Ltd DE000A3E5ED2 CDAX
Veolia Environment FR0000124141 CAC40
VERBIO United BioEnergy DE000A0JL9W6 SDAX
Verbund AG AT0000746409 ATX
Verianos Real Estate DE000A0Z2Y48 CDAX
VeriSign US92343E1029 S & P500
Verisk Analytics Inc. Cl.A US92345Y1064 S & P500
Verizon Communications Inc. US92343V1044 S & P500
Vermillion Energy CA9237251058 MSCI World
Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. US92532F1003 S & P500
Vestas Wind Systems DK0061539921 EURO STOXX 50
VIB assets DE000A2YPDD0 CDAX
Vienna Insurance AT0000908504 ATX
Villeroy & Boch Vz DE0007657231 SDAX
Vinci FR0000125486 EURO STOXX 50
VISA Inc. US92826C8394 S & P500
Viscom DE0007846867 CDAX
Vita 34 DE000A0BL849 CDAX
Vitesco Technologies Group DE000VTSC017 SDAX
Vivendi FR0000127771 EURO STOXX 50
Vodafone Group PLC GB00BH4HKS39 EURO STOXX 50
Voestalpine AT0000937503 CDAX
Volkswagen ST DE0007664005 CDAX
Volkswagen Vz DE0007664039 DAX
Voltabox DE000A2E4LE9 CDAX
Vonovia DE000A1ML7J1 DAX
Vossloh DE0007667107 SDAX
Wacker Neuson DE000WACK012 SDAX
Walgreens Boots Alliance US9314271084 S & P500
Walmart US9311421039 S & P500
Warner Bros Discovery US9344231041 MSCI World
WashTec DE0007507501 CDAX
Waste Connections CA94106B1013 MSCI World
Waste management US94106L1098 S & P500
Weir Group GB0009465807 FTSE100
Wells Fargo US9497461015 S & P500
Weng Fine Art AG DE0005181606 CDAX
West Pharmaceutical Services US9553061055 S & P500
Westag & Getalit ST DE0007775207 CDAX
Westag Getalit Vz. DE0007775231 CDAX
Western Digital US9581021055 S & P500
Westwing Group DE000A2N4H07 CDAX
Wheaton Precious Metals CA9628791027 EURO STOXX 50
Whitebread PLC GB00B1KJJ408 FTSE100
Wienerberger AT0000831706 CDAX
Wild bunch DE000A2TSU21 CDAX
Wolftank Adisa AT0000A25NJ6 SCALE
Wolters Kluwer NL0000395903 EURO STOXX 50
Workday US98138H1014 NASDAQ100
Wüstenrot & Württembergische DE0008051004 SDAX
Wynn Resorts US9831341071 S & P500
X-FAB Silicon Foundries BE0974310428 CDAX
xylem US98419M1009 S & P500
YOC DE0005932735 CDAX
Your family entertainment DE000A161N14 SCALE
Zalando DE000ZAL1111 DAX
Zoom Video Communications US98980L1017 NASDAQ100
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