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May 20, 2023


100 new shares now at Transparentshare – Invest with confidence

TransparentShare has added 100 new stocks to the valuation portfolio. Discover stocks from Germany, the USA, Europe and international markets now and receive well-founded buy or sell recommendations thanks to automated data analysis. Use the intelligent assessment of TransparentShare for successful investing.
February 25, 2022


NEW: Configure recommendation criteria

At the request of many of our users, we have again expanded the functionality of TransparentShare. You now have the option of choosing whether or not the distance criterion is taken into account for purchase recommendations.
March 08, 2020


How does TransparentShare work?

TransparentShare evaluates shares on a daily basis with data-based key figures and recommends them for buying or selling. This article describes how TransparentShare works in detail.
17th November 2019


How can TransparentShare be used?

Learn more about how you can use TransparentShare.
16th November 2019


How do I use TransparentShare? The new share app

Why is a share recommended for purchase? Is it really a good tip? Find out in 4 easy steps.
04 October 2019


11 years of experience with the Levermann strategy

Based on my many years of experience with the Levermann strategy, I have made some optimizations and extensions to the method.
October 01, 2019


The Levermann strategy simply explained

The Levermann strategy evaluates stocks based on 13 objective key figures. The method is simple, understandable and comprehensible.
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