Here you will find basic knowledge about stocks and stock trading.

December 04, 2021


Value investing simply explained

Value investing is an investment strategy that has proven itself for more than 80 years. The aim is to find undervalued stocks that have a high probability of positive development. We explain how you can easily make better decisions with value investing and automated stock valuation.
January 05, 2021


Free depot comparison - simply find the cheapest depot!

The clear depot comparison for everyone. Find the cheapest depot quickly and easily. Relevant aspects are compared with each other.
August 14, 2020


Stock split explained simply - example: Apple

In a stock split, existing shares are converted into a larger number of new shares with a lower value per share.
17th July 2020


What is a wikifolio? Wikifolio simply explained

A wikifolio is a virtual sample portfolio in which stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and certificates can be bought and sold.
July 14, 2020


Price / earnings ratio (P / E) over 5 years - key figures simply explained

The average price-earnings ratio (P / E) over 5 years expresses how the current price of the share and the average annual profit per share relate to one another over 5 years.
July 13, 2020


Profit margin - key figures simply explained

Profit margin is the company's profit before interest and tax (EBIT) in relation to the company's sales.
March 29, 2020


Shares explained simply for beginners

What do I have to consider as a newcomer to the stock exchange? What is important when trading stocks? Do I need a strategy and if so, which one?
January 28, 2020


10 Tips for Buying Stocks for Beginners - Stock or Casino?

“No master has fallen from heaven yet”. 10 tips on what equity investors should look out for.
January 26, 2020


Which stocks to buy?

If you want to build up wealth in the long term, you can no longer avoid stocks. The big question is, which stocks should you buy?
January 25, 2020


What exactly is a share?

A share is a share in a company, the so-called stock corporation (AG). When you buy a share you become a co-owner of the company. The owners of the shares are called shareholders.
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