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April 19, 2021

EXCLUSIVE: Luis Pazos is a guest at the online meeting on April 28, 2021

We are very pleased that we were able to win Luis Pazos over to speak at our next online meeting about his experiences on the subject of “Real estate for everyone and the role of REITs shares”.
April 17, 2021

Interview: Breakfast egg with share tip

Klaus Wenderoth, influencer and co-founder of Ingwerianer, is a user of TransparentShare. He is enthusiastic about the concept and asked for an interview. In the interview, Andreas Hauser talks about the motivation for founding the FinTech startup "TransparentShare".
March 14, 2021

We are looking for you! Working student - full-stack developer (m / f / d)

We are a young, ambitious FinTech startup and are looking for a working student who would like to help shape our future as a full-stack developer.
February 14, 2021

TransparentShare in the stock exchange talk at Thomas Vittner

Andreas Hauser - founder of TransparentShare - in a stock exchange talk with Thomas Vittner. In the interview he talks about rule-based investment strategies, his experiences from the Corona crisis and the important topic of “mental stock market competence”.
January 08, 2021

Annual review 2020 - How good were our buy recommendations in the corona pandemic?

In March, the DAX lost almost 40%. The losses were then made up in a rapid rally. The year was not only very turbulent, it also offered a lot of opportunities.
January 08, 2021

Return 2020

Since January 2019 a return of + 11.7% has been achieved. Despite the stock market slump of almost -40% in March, a return of + 0.32% was achieved in 2020 with the buy and sell recommendations.
January 05, 2021

Free depot comparison - simply find the cheapest depot!

The clear depot comparison for everyone. Find the cheapest depot quickly and easily. Relevant aspects are compared with each other.
23 December 2020

TransparentShare online meeting a complete success!

The aim of the online meeting is for our users to be able to exchange ideas about how to use the TransparentShare app and about their individual experiences with stocks.
November 01, 2020

Luis Pazos: TransparentShare in an exclusive interview

The well-known finance blogger Luis Pazos invited Andreas Hauser to an interview to find out more about TransparentShare and the background. 
17th October 2020

Top 10 stocks with the highest dividend yield in 2020

In times of the corona crisis, the question arises of how to invest your money. A good alternative are stocks with high dividend yields and solid balance sheets.