How does TransparentShare work?

Daily stock valuation with data-based key figures based on the Levermann strategy. 
  You can get help with the questions: Which stock to buy? When is the right time to sell?

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Automated and data-based stock valuation

All stocks are automatically valued daily after the market closes. The valuation is based on publicly available price, company and market data. German, American and European stocks are rated.

The stock is recommended for buying
The stock is being watched
The stock is not a buy recommendation

When is a share a buy recommendation?

The rating of a share is calculated from the Sum of 12 metrics. Each metric can have a value of +1, 0, or -1. A share is recommended for purchase if the sum of the key figures reaches at least 4 points (DAX, S&P 500, EURO STOXX 50) or 6 points (MDAX, SDAX, CDAX).

The method of determining the key figures is based on the successful one Levermann strategy. because of our 10 years experience we have further optimized the strategy. 

Note: You cannot buy or sell stocks in the application.

Configure recommendation criteria

You have the option of choosing whether, in addition to the rating, the criterion "distance“ is taken into account. Shares will then only be recommended for purchase if the current share price is at least 10% below the year's high. In order to use this functionality, you must select the "Use distance for rating" choose. 

We call the "distance" the percentage difference between the current share price and the year's high. The distance regulation is intended to help find cheap stocks.

Receive sell recommendations for purchased stocks

Keep track of your shares and be informed when a share is recommended for sale.

When is a share a sell recommendation?

A stock is recommended for sale if that rating of the stock falls below 0 points

Receive email notifications - which stock to buy?

Never again miss the right time to buy or sell a stock. 

Receive an automated e-mail notification when a share is recommended for buying or selling. 

To do this, select the menu item "profile" and then the indicator "Receive purchase and sales recommendations as email".

Show historical rating

Get an overview of how the stock has been rated over the past 3 months.

Use anywhere and don't miss a thing

Use TransparentShare on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC. The application can be launched on the PC with https://app.transparentshare.com

Alternatively, the app can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

The rating is made up of 12 key figures

The method of determining the key figures is based on the Levermann strategy, which Ms. Susan Levermann described in her book "The relaxed way to wealth". 

Because of our 10 years of experience with the method we have expanded the method. The Levermann expert Petra Wolff reported very positively about our optimizations.

The key figures in detail

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