Shares explained simply for beginners

What do I have to consider as a newcomer to the stock exchange? What is important when trading stocks? Do I need a strategy and if so, which one?
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TransparentShare - stocks for beginners

Stocks for beginners - what do I have to consider as a newcomer to the stock market?

What is actually important when trading stocks? Do I need a strategy and if so, which one?

The stock world often seems like a great mystery. Still, you shouldn't be afraid to invest your money. But you can only make a profit if you pay attention to a few important points!

The first thing to ask yourself is what the profits will be used for. Are you saving for retirement or for the next car that you plan to buy in a few months? This question is very important. As a rule, one does not make quick money with stocks, they are more for long-term investors. You should therefore plan at least five years, if not ten years, so that your capital can grow. During this time you should not need the money under any circumstances, it should only be "play money". Always keep in mind that you could suffer a total loss.

Newcomers to stocks are always looking for answers to fundamental questions about stock trading. We have already written a few posts to make the topic of stocks more understandable for beginners.


What exactly is a share?

TransparentShare - What exactly is a share? - Stocks for beginners

A share is a share in a company, the so-called stock corporation (AG). When you buy a share you become a co-owner of the company. The owners of the shares are called shareholders.
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Why should I buy stocks?

TransparentShare - why shares? Stocks for beginners

In this article we introduce some important forms of investment for beginners and discuss the possible returns, costs and risks.
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10 Tips To Buying Stocks - Stocks For Beginners!

TransparentShare - 10 Tips on Buying Stocks for Beginners - Stocks for Beginners

“No master has fallen from heaven yet”. 10 tips on what equity investors should look out for:

  1. Understand how stocks and the stock market work
  2. Create a sample depot
  3. Only buy what you understand
  4. Note the fees
  5. Don't put everything on one card
  6. Never speculate on credit
  7. Liven up your money for the long term
  8. Minimize losses
  9. Don't trust a stock market expert
  10. Dare to go ahead and learn

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Which stocks to buy?

TransparentShare - Which stocks to buy - stocks for beginners

If you want to build up wealth in the long term, you can no longer avoid stocks. The big question is, which stocks should you buy?
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How do I buy stocks?

TransparentShare - How to Buy Stocks - Stocks for Beginners

Have you decided to invest in stocks but don't know how to go about it? We would like to give you a little help and explain how to get started in a simple way.
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Other interesting articles for beginners:


Have fun and good luck!

Your TransparentShare team


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