NEW: Latest news on valued stocks

The latest news on promising stocks - relevant and uncomplicated, for a quick overview.
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TransparentShare - Latest news

Latest news - relevant and uncomplicated, for a quick overview

We have expanded the functionality of TransparentShare. Many customers have asked for the latest news on the stocks rated. Now the function is available to all TransparentShare users available at no additional cost!


Comprehensive news on stock recommendations and purchased stocks are displayed. 

The messages are from bing.com made available. "Bing" is a service from Microsoft and provides popular news from a variety of economic and financial sources on the Internet.


1) View the latest news about a stock

Popular news about a share are shown on the new "NEWS" tab.

TransparentShare - Latest news

The full message can be read by selecting the message.

TransparentShare - Latest news

Selecting the "Done" function takes you back to the overview of the messages.


2) News about current stock recommendations


A comprehensive overview of relevant news on all stocks that currently represent a buy recommendation from TransparentShare is provided. By selecting the menu item “News” you get to the uncomplicated and very clear view.

TransparentShare - Latest news

The 3 latest news for each share are displayed under the "RECOMMENDATIONS" tab. Relevant news are presented very clearly and enable a quick overview.


Tip: All current purchase recommendations can be displayed in the menu -> Recommendations.


TransparentShare - Latest news
Tip: All news about a particular stock can be viewed by selecting the "Show all" function.


3) News about your purchased shares


In the menu item "My purchased shares" you can manage all the shares that are in your portfolio. You will be informed when a share is recommended for sale.
By selecting the "BUYED SHARES" tab, you can get a quick overview of the top 3 news about each share that is contained in your "My purchased shares" list.

TransparentShare - Latest news


tip: You can also use this functionality to clearly display news for stocks that are important to you.


How can you use the new functionality?

If you have the Web version the functionality is automatically available. All users who use our app from the AppStore or Google Play Store must download the new version of the app to their mobile device.
annotation: We would like to take this opportunity if you would rate our app on the AppStore or Google Play Store.

TransparentShare - AppStore

TransparentShare - Google Play Store

We look forward to any feedback on the new functionality. Just send us a short e-mail to info@transpashare.com or use our Feedback form.

We hope you enjoy the new functionality!

Your TransparentShare team


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