Luis Pazos: TransparentShare in an exclusive interview

The well-known finance blogger Luis Pazos invited Andreas Hauser to an interview to find out more about TransparentShare and the background. 
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Transparentshare - Interview with Luis Pazos

Andreas Hauser visits financial blogger Luis Pazos

Luis Pazos is a well-known finance blogger in the finance scene. He regularly writes book reviews and specialist articles on financial topics, including for the monthly magazine "strangely free ". His specialty are passive income strategies with high dividend values. You can find out more about Luis Pazos on his website Cash is king.

Feedback from Luis Pazos on TransparentShare: "I took a look at the developed platform myself and am enthusiastic about the didactic preparation and the structured content! So I really wanted to learn more about the Levermann strategy underlying the data sets.

Luis invited me for an interview to learn more about TransparentShare and the background. During the interview we discussed the following questions, among others:

  • What exactly is the Levermann strategy as a quantitative method of stock selection?
  • What is so fascinating about this approach from an investor's point of view?
  • Does the approach carry the germ of its own, at least partial, destruction in the event that too many investors orient themselves to relevant key figures?
  • How much time should investors allow for, and at what intervals, who actively trade individual stocks according to the approach?
  • Susan Levermann provides that herself Opportunity-risk profile your strategy realistic or distorted?
  • Why did Andreas Hauser modify the key figures?
  • What does the information offered by TranspaShare do for what price?

The interview is as Video interview and as PodCast available.


Video interview: Identifying buy signals for stocks

The full interview is available on the youtube channel of "peculiarly free" (64,000 subscribers).

In the seventh episode of the financial and economic talk series "Heller und Pfennig", income investor Luis Pazos talks to Andreas Hauser about the possibilities of TransparentShare as an aid to personally optimize stock trading.



Interview as a PodCast: From Excel sheet to professional app

Luis also did the interview as a PodCast published on its website.


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Thanks to Luis!

I would like to thank Luis Pazos for the great conversation and interview. I was particularly enthusiastic about his openness, his humor and his in-depth technical knowledge of the financial world. It is someone you like to go for a beer with. I'm already looking forward to our first personal meeting when the pandemic wave subsides again.


I hope that everyone who is interested in TransparentShare and every user will enjoy listening.


Best wishes

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