2019 annual review - how good were our buy recommendations?

TransparentShare is 1 year old. Looking back, 2019 was very instructive and exciting for our entire team. In this blog we would like to summarize the highlights of this year.
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TransparentShare - review 2019

How good were the Buy recommendations for TransparentShare in 2019?

The time flew by. Since January 1st, 2019, the TransparentShare rating system can be used by everyone. TransparentShare is now 1 year old. Looking back, 2019 was very instructive and exciting for our entire team. We are proud to have achieved a lot together.

In this blog we would like to summarize the highlights of this year.

In 2019 we were able to do one Yield of + 16.5% achieve with our recommendations.

Overall were 39 shares recommended for purchase.


64% of the referrals could achieve gains of up to + 59.74% (25 referrals)

  • 8 referrals with 1% - 10% profit
  • 9 referrals with 10% - 20% profit
  • 4 referrals with 20% - 30% profit
  • 3 referrals with over 30% profit


36% of referrals achieved a maximum loss of -17.63% (14 referrals)

  • 13 recommendations with 1% - 10% loss
  • 1 recommendation with 10% - 20% loss


TransparentShare - yield 2019

The top 5 recommendations in 2019:

  • Deutz AG: +59,74%
  • Talanx AG: +49,01%
  • Hornbach Holding: +36,37%
  • Alliance: +28,89%
  • Dialog Semiconductor: +27,39%


The flop 5 recommendations in 2019:

  • Hella GmbH: -17,63%
  • Corestate Capital: -8.6%
  • SAF Holding: -8,53%
  • Ado Properties: -7,66%
  • Henkel: -7,20%

All stock recommendations from 2019 are listed in detail on our website.


What has happened this year?

January: The start

After many months of research, design and development, TransparentShare came onto the market. 150 German stocks were valued daily. The free version included 20 stocks. In addition to a Web version we also offer apps on the Apple Store and Google Play Store on. In addition, on 1.1.2019 we have the Wikifolio "German stocks transparent" created.


February: The first article

Gereon Kruse publishes a first article about TransparentShare. Mr. Kruse is the founder of the investment portal boersengefluester.de and former deputy editor-in-chief of BÖRSE ONLINE.


March: The beta test

The TransparentShare beta test has been completed successfully. Conclusion: The testers praised the ease of use and gave it 4.5 out of 5 points. The number of rated shares was identified as a potential for improvement. We started with 150 stocks.


April: The first fair

TransparentShare - Invest 2019

TransparentShare for the first time at the Invest trade fair. It is the largest event in the German-speaking region for finance and investments. We were surprised and were pleased that we received only positive feedback on TransparentShare from many well-known stock market gurus, such as: Dirk Müller, Max Otte, Thorsten Polleit, Manuel Koch, Antje Erhard.


May: Our first interviews

TransparentShare - FinanzTrends Invest 2019

On the Invest was our first interview recorded. Bernd Heim is the author of Finanztrends, Germany's largest financial editor. Mr Heim was immediately enthusiastic about our concept and spontaneously recorded an interview.

Gereon Kruse publishes another, detailed interview about TransparentShare.


TransparentShare - Dirk Müller

We got to know Dirk Müller personally and exchanged ideas very intensively for 2.5 hours. His feedback on TransparentShare was very encouraging!


June: Levermann expert Petra Wolff writes about us

Petra Wolff is the author of the book "The practical book on Levermann strategy". She is an expert on the Levermann method and has carefully examined TransparentShare and written an article about it: "TransparentShare is Levermann strategy with adjustments". Thank you very much to Petra for the good and detailed article.


July: On the Frankfurt Stock Exchange


Our Wikifolio certificate "German stocks transparent is traded on the stock exchange.

Almost all banks and online brokers can use ISIN no. DE000LS9NUN9 the certificate can be purchased. Anyone who is convinced of our rating system but does not want to invest in individual stocks can simply buy the certificate and participate in the success.


August: Expansion to 333+ stocks

Due to the many inquiries from our users, we have added more than 170 more stocks to our valuation portfolio. These are shares of the CDAX (abbreviation for Composite DAX). Every Premium user can now rate more than 333 German stocks view without additional costs.


September: 12.6% return for the first 9 months

TransparentShare - Wikifolio German shares transparent

In our Wikifolio we show all buy and sell recommendations from TransparentShare. Since January 1st, 2019 a return of 12.6% has been achieved.


October: Lecture at the Aktienclub München

TransparentShare - Aktienclub Munich

We were invited by Aktienclub München to share our experience with the Levermann strategy using the example of TransparentShare to report. More than 40 members came together in the evening for a 2-hour talk to learn more about the Levermann strategy. We were enthusiastic about the great interest and especially the exciting discussions. You can find them here presentation and the Video.


November: Use the premium version with 500 shares free of charge for 3 months

TransparentShare - Premium offer

We have now added even more German small caps to our application and are now valuing around 500 stocks a day. We have also made another change. Every user can now test the premium version for 3 months free of charge without specifying a credit card.


December: Our Wikifolio has now increased to 16.5 %

Our Wikifolio has developed splendidly. In 2019 we were able to generate a return of 16,5% achieve. On December 30th, 2019 a capital of 61,501 euros was invested in our Wikifolio.


TransparentShare - 10 Tips for Buying Stocks for Beginners


We regularly publish blogs to inform our users about various topics. The blog "10 tips for Share purchase“Is read almost 1000 times and is the front runner on our blogs.


We would like to thank our customers for their loyalty and the many helpful tips for improving TransparentShare!

We wish all customers a happy new year, good luck, success and especially good health!


Your TransparentShare team


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