Annual review 2020 - How good were our buy recommendations in the corona pandemic?

In March, the DAX lost almost 40%. The losses were then made up in a rapid rally. The year was not only very turbulent, it also offered a lot of opportunities.
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TransparentShare - The year 2020

The annual review 2020 - TransparentShare turns 2 years old

2020 was marked by one of the biggest market slumps in recent years: In March the DAX lost almost 40%. The losses were then made up in a rapid rally. The year was not only very turbulent, it also offered a lot of opportunities. 2020 was a very successful year for TransparentShare. We would like to thank all users for this!

We have continuously developed and implemented many customer requests such as stocks from the S&P 500 and Euro Stoxx 50 as well as news and charts in our application.

TransparentShare has been available to everyone for 2 years now. Since January 1st, 2019, our buy and sell recommendations have enabled a Yield of + 11.7% be achieved.

On April 1st, 2020 we have a new Wikifolio "German stocks - Transpa30" created. In this Wikifolio we show all buy and sell recommendations from DAX companies that are recommended by TransparentShare. Since April 2020 a return of + 41.9% has been achieved.

In 2020, the return on all German stocks was + 0.32% (excluding dividends and excluding fees). This enabled a return of +1.13% better than with a comparable DAX ETF. You can find details on the return calculation here.


The top 10 recommendations in 2020

The 10 best stock recommendations in 2020 are:


The highlights from 2020

Many of our customers ask us basic questions about stock trading. That's why we've started a series of blogs to share knowledge about stocks. What is actually important when trading stocks? Do I need a strategy and if so, which one?

Blog: Shares explained simply for beginners

TransparentShare - stocks for beginners
We start a partnership with Thomas Vittner. Thomas is Author, stock market professional and stock trading expert. His opinion on TransparentShare: "Many large financial service providers could learn a thing or two here. A clear recommendation on my part."

More expert and customer opinions

TransparentShare -Thomas Vittner

The DAX falls by almost 40%. The impact of the coronavirus on the economy is catastrophic. Are there any promising stocks anyway? In our blog "Panic as a starting opportunity“We introduce 5 promising stocks.

TransparentShare - Corona
After the crash of the stock markets, investors are wondering what happens next and how to invest their money now. We describe 6 tips in our blog: Corona crisis: How can I invest my money

TransparentShare - invest money
We have expanded the functionality of TransparentShare. Comprehensive Stock recommendation news and acquired shares are displayed. The function is available to all TransparentShare users at no additional cost.

The news is provided by bing.com. "Bing" is a service from Microsoft and provides popular news from a variety of economic and financial sources on the Internet.

TransparentShare - Latest news

New Customer opinion by Michael Gassmann.

“I am grateful that you developed this app. The whole approach is so customer-oriented and helps me make an objective decision. The model is fantastic.

I have been a premium user for 3 months and can say that the way stocks are valued is conclusively understandable and has also proven to be profitable so far. I became a big fan of the Levermann strategy concept. TransparentShare is an ingenious tool!

Handling is child's play, news on the respective stocks can be reached quickly and concisely and you always have an overview of buy and sell recommendations. This is exactly what helps beginners to gain a foothold in the stock market and makes it a smart daily companion in the world of stocks. And since today also with the first S&P 500 US shares!

TransparentShare takes the greed off by rationally justifying the stock recommendations. It brings peace of mind and takes away the emotional process of when to buy or sell.

Big compliments and thanks for this great service, dear TransparentShare team! "
We have the functionality around current stock charts expanded. A current chart can now be displayed for each share. We use the chart from onvista.de for this. The function is available to all TransparentShare users at no additional cost.

Annual review 2020 - How good were our buy recommendations in the corona pandemic? 1
In response to popular requests from our users, we selected a selection in July 2020 Shares in the S&P 500 and all shares in the Euro Stoxx 50 included in our portfolio free of charge for all premium users.

TRansparentShare - S&P 500 shares EURO STOXX 50 shares
Apple announces a stock split. It is not clear to many what this exactly means. In our blog Stock split explained simply let's go into the details.

TransparentShare - What is a share split? Apple
The TransparentShare Apple App receives a Rating of 4.6 / 5 stars. The feedback from our users has been very positive. This motivates us to continuously develop the app and implement customer requests.

Annual review 2020 - How good were our buy recommendations in the corona pandemic? 3


In times of the corona crisis, the question arises of how to invest your money. A good alternative are stocks with high dividend payouts. Our blog Top 10 stock returns with the highest dividend yield in 2020 is read by more than 1000 users.

TransparentShare - Highest dividend yield
The Interview with finance blogger Luis Pazos. Luis Pazos is a well-known finance blogger in the finance scene. He regularly publishes book reviews and specialist articles on financial topics on his website "Cash is king". He also writes “peculiarly free” for the monthly magazine. We received very positive feedback on that interview.

Transparentshare - Interview with Luis Pazos
We held our first TransparentShare online meeting exclusively for our users. The aim of the online meeting was for our users to be able to exchange ideas about how to use the TransparentShare app and about their individual experiences with stocks. Due to the success of our first online meeting, we will continue the series in January.

Register for the 2nd online meeting on January 20th, 2021 from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

TransparentShare - online meeting point

We have a new one Marketing video published. The video is viewed more than 2000 times.

TransparentShare - the easiest way to find the right share

2020 was a very eventful and exciting year.

We thank our users from the bottom of our hearts for their loyalty and wish all users good luck, success and especially health!

Hopefully normality will soon return to all of our lives!

Your TransparentShare team




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