Get in now? 5 interesting dividend stocks

When is the right time to start? 5 top dividend stocks for investors looking to get ready to get started
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Transparentshare - dividend stocks

5 interesting dividend stocks

The corona crisis is getting worse. Der Spiegel writes "The fastest stock market crash in history". In just 28 days, the Dax has lost almost 40 percent. In its more than 30-year history, it has never lost so much of its value in such a short time.

The stock exchanges are currently in a state of emergency. Many are waiting for the right time to join. But when is the right time? To be honest, nobody knows. It remains to be seen how the crisis will develop over the next few weeks.

Today, March 20th, 2020, it's time to breathe easy on the stock market. 28 DAX stocks are up. The first speak of a bottoming out. From our point of view, however, the next few weeks will continue to go up and down.

We have selected interesting dividend stocks for investors who want to prepare for entry. TransparentShare currently recommends 42 shares for purchase. The evaluation is based on data objective key figures instead of. From these 42 stocks we have determined the 5 best dividend stocks.

The 5 top dividend stocks:

1) Mutares (dividend yield: + 15.2%)

Latest news:

Selected key figures:


2) CoreState Capital (dividend yield: + 11.6%)

Latest news:

Selected key figures:


3) freenet (dividend yield: + 11.1%)

Latest news:

Selected key figures:

  • Equity ratio: + 27.63%
  • Price change in the last 6 months compared to the index: + 16.90%
  • Price change in the last 12 months compared to the index: + 5,85%
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4) Covestro (dividend yield: + 9.49%)

Latest news:

Selected key figures:


5) DWS - Deutsche Asset Management (dividend yield: + 9.2%)

Latest news:

Selected key figures:


37 more stock recommendations!

There are more interesting stocks out there. A further 37 shares of TransparentShare are recommended for purchase.

TransparentShare evaluates shares on a daily basis with data-based key figures and recommends them for buying or selling.

"The easiest way to find the right stock."

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We wish you every success in trading stocks!

Your TransparentShare team



Note: The recommendations made by TransparentShare on the basis of this data are non-binding and are only intended to provide information and to support the user's independent investment decision. In addition, they are not a substitute for individual investor and investment-specific advice and do not constitute a financial service or legal, tax or other advice.

Any liability for damage of any kind (in particular financial loss) that may arise when using the TransparentShare recommendations for the user's own investment decision is excluded.


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