Return 2020

Since January 2019 a return of + 11.7% has been achieved. Despite the stock market slump of almost -40% in March, a return of + 0.32% was achieved in 2020 with the buy and sell recommendations.
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How good was the return in 2020?

The DAX fell by almost -40% in March 2020. Corona has overshadowed the stock market and initially led to many losses. Fortunately, the stock market was able to recover from this by the end of the year. The DAX is climbing old highs.

Since TransparentShare has been on the market (January 1st, 2019) a return of + 11.7% has been achieved. In 2020, the return on all German stocks was + 0.32% (excluding dividends and excluding fees). TransparentShare achieved a return of + 1.13% better than a comparable DAX ETF.


TransparentShare - yield 2020


On April 1st, 2020 we have a new Wikifolio "German stocks - Transpa30" created. In this Wikifolio we show all buy and sell recommendations from DAX companies that are recommended by TransparentShare. Since April 2020 a return of + 41.9% has been achieved.

Return 2020 1

The top 10 recommendations in 2020


All stock recommendations in 2020

In 2020, 299 shares were recommended for buying or selling. We have listed all recommendations for complete transparency.


Shares in custody on December 30, 2020

On December 30th, 2020 there are 14 shares in the portfolio.


Returns from TansparentShare in 2020

TransparentShare's return does NOT take into account the distribution of dividends. The actual return is therefore higher.

TransparentShare 2020 return (excluding dividends, excluding fees): + 0.32%

TransparentShare 2020 yield (excluding dividends, with fees): -0.14%


Yield in comparison with the DAX

In order to be able to compare the return of TransparentShare with an investment in a DAX ETF, we use the ETF Xtrackers DAX Income UCITS ETF 1D. This ETF pays the dividend and is therefore easier to compare. Furthermore, trading with ETFs and stocks incurs fees that are deducted from the return.


Yield DAX ETF in 2020: -1.27%

TransparentShare yield in 2020 (without dividends, with fees): -0.14%

TransparentShare achieved a return of + 1.13% better than a comparable DAX ETF.


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