2017 return

In 2017 TransparentShare was able to achieve a return of + 36.85% and was thus + 28.40% better than the DAX.
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Return calculation 2017

Notes on the calculation:

  • The return of TransparentShare is compared with the development of the DAX. It is based on the DAX index without dividend payments (DE0008467440). This ensures better comparability.

  • The return is calculated per year. A stock is bought when TransparentShare recommends it to be bought and sold when a sell recommendation is made.

  • At the beginning of the year, the amount is made available that allows all purchases in the year to be shown.

  • Basically, a maximum amount of 2000 euros is invested in the purchase of a stock position.

  • If a share was not yet recommended to sell at the turn of the year, the current price at the end of the year is used to calculate the return. In the following year, the year-end price is used as the price of the share at the beginning of the year. (*)

  • We include fees of 9.99 euros per purchase or sale. Tax costs are not taken into account.

  • The calculation looks at the past. An ideal case is simulated in order to map all purchases and sales and to enable comparability with the DAX.


+ 28.40% better than the DAX

The DAX rose by + 8,45% in 2017. TransparentShare was able to assert itself better than the DAX and achieved a return of + 36.85%.


Details of the calculation

The table simulates all share purchases and sales that were carried out based on recommendations from TransparentShare Premium in 2017.

Starting value 2017 (4 purchases x 2000 euros): 8,000 euros


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Total cash - end of 2018: 3,881.68 euros


Shares in custody at the end of 2017

The following shares were in the portfolio at the end of 2017.


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Depot value - end of 2017: 7,066.22 euros

Result at the end of 2017  (Depot + Cash: 7,066.22+ 3,881.68): 10,947.90 euros 



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