TransparentShare under the microscope of Levermann expert Petra Wolff

Petra Wolff, expert on the Levermann strategy, took a close look at TransparentShare and reported on her experiences.
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TransparentShare - Petra Wolff

Many thanks to Petra Wolff!

Petra Wolff is the author of the book "The practical book on Levermann strategy: Stock selection according to the point system". She published other books on finance and some practical strategies.

I had the pleasure to speak to Petra Wolff about TransparentShare for a long time. We talked about the background, the differences to the orignal Levermann method, the return calculation and the application itself.

Petra has extensively tested TransparentShare and published her analysis in an article. Among other things, she described in great detail which changes we made compared to the original Levermann method and also commented on them.


Read the detailed analysis by Petra Wolff.


I would like to thank Petra for the detailed analysis of TransparentShare, the extensive discussion and the good tips! Thank you for the objectivity and the positive and critical feedback. We can only improve our application and offer our users an improved variant through feedback.

For anyone who would like to learn more about the Levermann strategy, I can recommend Petra Wolff's book: The practical book on the Levermann strategy.


TransparentShare - Petra Wolff


The Levermann strategy is gaining more and more supporters. It is a quantitative investment strategy in which shares are bought and sold according to a point system. This guarantees an absolutely emotionless selection process with the aim of overperformance. In the book "The Practical Guide to Levermann Strategy: Stock Selection According to the Point System", the author describes how to deal with the strategy based on her own experience.


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