Lecture at Aktienclub München: The Levermann Strategy - Does an objective share valuation work?

TransparentShare presents the Levermann strategy at Aktienclub München: Does objective share valuation really work?
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TransparentShare - aktienclub munich

TransparentShare at Aktienclub München

I was very happy about the invitation from Aktienclub München to report on my experiences with the Levermann strategy using TransparentShare as an example.

More than 40 members came together in the evening at 7 p.m. for a 2-hour presentation to learn more about the Levermann strategy.

I was enthusiastic about the great interest and especially the exciting discussions. The suggestions on how we could expand TransparentShare were particularly helpful.

Here you come to our LinkedIn SlideShare:


In my lecture I told about the origins of TransparentShare. Then I reported on interesting facts and figures about the German stock market. Did you know that only 10.3 million (16.3%) German citizens owned shares or equity funds in 2018? We talked about what needs to be done to raise awareness of equities in Germany.

Then it went to the core of the presentation: the Levermann strategy. Susan Levermann uses 13 metrics to evaluate stocks. We discussed and discussed the key figures in detail. I myself have been using the strategy privately for 8 years and have reported on my experiences and explained why I have adapted and expanded the Levermann method.

At the end of the presentation, I used TransparentShare as an example to show how the Levermann method was implemented in our application. I was very happy about the very positive feedback on TransparentShare, the interesting discussions and the great ideas and suggestions on how we can further develop TransparentShare.

The recording of my presentation in Munich is also on Youtube available.

The evening was a lot of fun. Thank you for the many interesting discussions and ideas!

I can do that Munich Stock Club Highly recommend for share enthusiasts from Munich and the surrounding area. Just drop by there ...

Many thanks

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