What is day trading?

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Thomas Vittner. Thomas Vittner is a stock market professional and an expert on trading stocks. He is the author of several books and founded the world's first stock robo advisor in 2016.
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TransparentShare - What is day trading?

Day Trading - Introduction to Short Term Exchange Trading

In his blog "What is day trading? A comprehensive introduction to short-term stock market trading“He explained the topic in a very understandable way for beginners.

Day trading is the short-term buying and selling of securities with the aim of taking advantage of price fluctuations. Short-term means that stocks or other securities do not remain in the portfolio for several years or decades, but are usually quickly sold again after a few days or weeks. Some day traders even hold their positions for a few minutes.

Can you really make money with it? The answer is: "yes, but ..."

According to a US study from 1999, 70 % of private investors suffer losses while trading. You can only make money with day trading if you are ready to really get involved with this topic. Successful day trading is possible if you work with a good strategy on the one hand and if you have the right thinking on the other. Because the stock market is not only difficult technically but also a real challenge mentally.

Learn more about this type of stock exchange trading at Thomas Vittner's FREE online trading course.

I watched many youtube videos from Thomas myself. Thomas is an absolute professional in the field of trading. I can give his to anyone interested in trading website recommend.

The TransparentShare system focuses on medium to long-term equity investments. Why do we even deal with day trading? Quite simply, to provide information about all the options for building wealth. After all, the stock market is ultimately about making money. And if you understand your trade you can be an investor as well as a trader.

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