What is a wikifolio? Wikifolio simply explained

A wikifolio is a virtual sample portfolio in which stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and certificates can be bought and sold.
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TransparentShare - What is a Wikifolio

wikifolio - simply explained for beginners

Wikifolio is a so-called social trading platform (Internet address: www.wikifolio.com).

A wikifolio is initially a virtual sample portfolio in which stocks, investment funds, ETFs and certificates can be bought and sold.

What is the basic idea?

A participant keeps a sample depository (a wikifolio) and publishes it. If this model portfolio is profitable, other investors will become aware of it and its investment strategy. The investment strategy is described in detail. Investors can emulate the investment strategy themselves or can buy and sell the wikifolio index certificate directly from many online brokers and banks. A wikifolio is similar to an ETF.

Who can create a wikifolio?

The special thing about a wikifolio is that everyone can create a wikifolio: private investors, professional traders, fund managers, companies, etc.

How does a virtual wikifolio model portfolio become an index certificate?

A virtual model portfolio can be turned into a so-called index certificate on a wikifolio index, which can be traded with many brokers and banks and thus functions similarly to an investment fund or ETF.

Lang & Schwarz, who are also the issuing house for the wikifolio index certificates, provide the bid and ask prices for trading.

The creator of the wikifolio has to find 10 supporters who find his model portfolio interesting and who are willing to invest at least 2,500 euros together. To do this, the creator of the wikifolio must explain the planned investment strategy in detail. The strategies describe, for example, which stocks and which markets are traded in this wikifolio and when it is bought or sold.

Which costs arise?

The use of wikifolio.com is free of charge for both investors and traders. There are no transaction costs even for buying and selling shares within the wikifolios. Only when investing in a wikifolio certificate are fees incurred, which are, however, already taken into account in the certificate course.

These fees consist of two elements:

  • Certificate fee.
    The wikifolio certificate fee is currently up to 0.95 percent pa and is charged proportionally on a daily basis.
  • Performance fee.
    The performance fee is between 0 and 30 percent of the success achieved in the wikifolio and is calculated according to the high watermark principle. The performance fee is shared between wikifolio.com and the trader. This fee is only applied to winnings. Affordable performance fees range from 5 to 10%.

In order to make the cost model as fair and transparent as possible, wikifolio.com does not include front-end loads and hidden fees. Lang & Schwarz and wikifolio.com have chosen a very transparent fee model. Both types of fees are taken into account in the wikifolio course and can be viewed on the respective certificate page.

In addition to the wikifolio fees already included in the wikifolios (certificate and, if applicable, performance fee), the usual transaction fees of the custodian bank are charged when buying or selling the wikifolio certificate.

How can you invest money in a wikifolio?

You can only invest in officially traded wikifolios. These wikifolios are marked with the 'Investable' label on wikifolio.com. An ISIN is assigned for each certificate. Under this ISIN, the certificate can be bought and sold at almost all banks and online brokers via the Stuttgart Stock Exchange, BX Swiss or directly from Lang & Schwarz.

How safe are wikifolios?

The affiliated broker Lang & Schwarz is a traditional German broker with a BaFin license that is very trustworthy. The Wikifolio certificates are traded on the Stuttgart or Vienna stock exchange, so that traders do not have to worry about their investment once it has been placed on the exchange.

What do experts say about wikifolio?

  • SecureGelding.info is an independent financial consultancy and describes the advantages and disadvantages of a wikifolio.
    “Very wide range and transparent conditions ... And wikifolio also made a very good impression on us in terms of reliability.
    Click here for the article.
  • Seriös.de is an independent consumer advice service for more security on the Internet.
    “Wikifolio is an innovative company in Vienna that gives investors the opportunity to invest in portfolios. We particularly liked that the top traders and their portfolios are presented in great detail. "
    Click here for the article.


Which wikifolios does TransparentShare have?

The TransparentShare wikifolios are an investment alternative if you are convinced of TransparentShare's objective rating system but do not want to buy individual shares. TransparentShare displays all buy and sell recommendations in two wikifolios:

  • German stocks transparent
    This Wikifolio shows all TransparentShare recommendations from DAX, MDAX, SDAX, CDAX and thus also TecDAX stocks. It has existed since January 2019 and is investable. If the TransparentShare app recommends buying or selling a share, the process is mapped in this wikifolio. You can get the Wikifolio certificate from your online retailer or from your bank at ISIN DE000LS9NUN9 to buy. Our Wikifolio weathered the Corona crisis very well and has already been able to generate a positive return.


  • German stocks - Transpa30
    This Wikifolio shows the buy and sell recommendations of the DAX stocks that are recommended by TransparentShare for buy or sell. It was created on April 1, 2020 and was able to run until July 17, 2020 Achieve a return of + 30.8%. This Wikifolio is not yet investable. We are still looking for supporters who intend to buy the certificate according to availability. Do you have interest? Then make a note of “Deutsche Aktien - Transpa30” for the Wikifolio.

TransparentShare - Wikifolio - Deutsche Aktien Transpa30


Frequently asked questions about Wikifolio can be found here: Frequently asked questions about wikifolio.com.


How does TransparentShare work?

TransparentShare automatically rates stocks with data-based key figures and recommends them for buying or selling.

You can find more information in this article:  How does TransparentShare work?


We wish you continued success in trading stocks.

Your TransparentShare team


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