How can TransparentShare be used?

Learn more about how you can use TransparentShare.
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TransparentShare - How can I use TransparentShare?

There are two ways in which you can use TransparentShare:

1. Do it yourself.

Download our app and receive daily recommendations about current buy or sell recommendations.


You can of course also call up our application on your PC or notebook. To do this, simply use the following link: https://app.transparentshare.com.


2. We do it for you.

Invest in our Wikifolio "German stocks transparent", if you believe in the TransparentShare rating system.

Wikifolio is a social trading platform with which experienced investors can implement and publish their trading concept. Whenever TransparentShare recommends buying or selling a share, we buy or sell the shares in our Wikifolio. You can purchase our Wikifolio certificate like an investment fund from almost all banks and online brokers under the ISIN DE000LS9NUN9 to buy.

Link to our Wikifolio: https://www.wikifolio.com/de/de/w/wftranspas


We wish you lots of fun and success in trading stocks.

Your TransparentShare team

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