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TransparentShare offers the following functionality.

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dividend yield

dividend yield

Find stocks with a high dividend yield which are also rated well.
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Configure recommendation criteria

Recommend buying stocks only if they are at least 10% below year high note.
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Automated stock valuation

More than every day 1100 shares automatically evaluated with data-based key figures.
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Buy recommendations

Receive buy recommendations for stocks - understandable and comprehensible.
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Sales recommendations

Receive sell recommendations for your stocks
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Stock management

Keep track of your stocks. Which stocks should be “held” and which should be “sold”?
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Latest news

Comprehensive News on recommendations and shares purchased.
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Detailed and current charts for each share.
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Email notifications

Receive additional e-mail notifications for stock recommendations. Receive monthly summary.


Frequently asked questions about TransparentShare

TransparentShare automatically rates stocks with data-based key figures and recommends them for buying or selling.

All shares are automatically rated daily after the market closes. The rating is objective and based on publicly available price, company and market data.

The rating of the shares is based on the successful Levermann strategy, which Susan Levermann described in her book "Der enstpannte Weg zum Reichtum (The relaxed way to wealth)". Based on our many years of experience, we have expanded and automated the method.

We explain exactly how TransparentShare works in this one Video and this one article.

The rating of a share is calculated from the sum of 12 key figures. Each metric can have a value of +1, 0, or -1. A share is recommended for purchase if the sum of the key figures reaches at least 4 points (DAX, S&P 500, EURO STOXX 50) or 6 points (MDAX, SDAX, CDAX).

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The method of determining the key figures is based on the successful one Levermann strategy (article / Video). because of our 11 years of experience with the Levermann strategy (articleVideo) we have further optimized the strategy. the Levermann expert Petra Wolff reported very positively about the optimizations we made.

You have the option of choosing whether the “distance” criterion is also taken into account for a purchase recommendation in addition to the rating. This means that shares are only recommended for purchase if the current share price is at least 10% below the year's high. In order to use this functionality, you must select the "Use distance for rating" choose. If this indicator is not selected, only the rating is used to determine buy recommendations.

We call the "distance" the percentage difference between the current share price and the year's high. The distance regulation is intended to help find cheap stocks.

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Further information on how the valuation of the shares works can be found at https://www.transparentshare.com/konzept

— TransparentShare: share recommendations understandable for everyone —

A stock is recommended for sale if that rating of the stock falls below 0 points.

TransparentShare - sell recommendation

For more information on how shares are rated, see https://www.transparentshare.com/konzept.

- TransparentShare: stock recommendations understandable for everyone -

You are not receiving any emails from TransparentShare? There can be different reasons for this.

  1. Emails marked as spam
    It is possible that the TransparentShare e-mails are marked as spam by your e-mail provider. Please check your spam folder to see if the email can be found there.
  2. Buy recommendation emails are not sent
    Are you not receiving any emails about buy or sell recommendations? Please check your profile to see whether the indicator “Buy and sell recommendations received as email” has been selected.

If these measures don't work, please email us at info@transpashare.com. We will help you immediately.

If you test TransparentShare free of charge for 14 days, you do not have to explicitly cancel. You have not taken out a subscription. The test phase expires automatically after 14 days.

You can purchase the premium subscription in three ways 1) through our website 2) the App in the Google Play Store or 3) about the App in the Apple Store.

Do you have the subscription via 1) our website or 2) the App in the Google Play Store bought?

Then you can cancel the subscription as follows:

  1. Go to the web version of TransparentShare: https://app.transparentshare.com
  2. In the menu (top left) select the entry "Profile"

    TransparentShare - Help cancel subscription

  3. Use the "Cancel subscription" function

    TransparentShare - Help cancel subscription


Did you purchase the subscription via 2) the app in the Apple Store?

Then you can cancel the subscription as follows:

Since January 2022 it has been possible to cancel the subscription directly in the TransparentShare Apple App to buy.

The subscription is billed exclusively through Apple. The subscription can therefore only be canceled directly via Apple. Unfortunately we have no influence on this.

How to cancel the subscription with Apple is described in detail in this article: "How to cancel a subscription from Apple"

Please contact us directly at info@transpashare.com, if you have any questions.


If you can't find a particular stock, it could be because:

1) You misspelled the name in the search mask.

TransparentShare - Help Search

2) The share is currently not rated by TransparentShare.

You can read all of the stocks that are valued by TransparentShare on our website: https://www.transparentshare.com/aktien

Still can't find the stock you're looking for? Then send us an email at info@transpashare.com. We will then check whether we can add the stock to the rating list.

The Levermann strategy is a value investment strategy and is based on objective key figures. The strategy helps find undervalued stocks that have a high probability of doing well. The Levermann strategy is strictly based on facts and figures. It is simple, understandable and comprehensible.

The strategy is named after Susan Levermann. Susan Levermann is a German economist, author and former fund manager. She managed 1.7 billion euros as a fund manager at Germany's largest fund company - DWS - and in 2008 was recognized as a fund manager for the best German equity fund. She is the author of the book "Der entspannte Weg zum Reichtum (The relaxed way to wealth)". In her book she describes her strategy in detail. In 2011 the book was awarded the German Finance Book Prize.

Learn more about the Levermann strategy in this article and Video.

We have been using the Levermann strategy ourselves for more than 11 years and have optimized the strategy based on our experience. Our 11 years of experience with the Levermann strategy we have in this article and Video summarized.

Our rating of the shares is based on the successful Levermann strategy, which Ms. Susan Levermann described in her book "The relaxed way to wealth". It uses objective key figures for its stock recommendations.

We have been using the Levermann strategy to value stocks for more than 11 years. Based on our personal experiences, we have made some tweaks to the strategy. We have our 11 years of experience with the Levermann strategy in this article and Video summarized.

Here is a summary of the optimizations:

  • The Levermann method only uses the rating according to key figures for the buy recommendation of a share. Therefore, stocks that are currently trading at a 52-week high (high for the year) are also recommended for purchase. We only recommend buying a stock if, in addition to evaluating the key figures, the current share price is at least 10% below the 52-week high. However, each user can set whether they want to use this functionality or not. You can find more information in this article: Configure recommendation criteria.
  • Our system considers a return on equity of 15% to be a good value. The Levermann method uses a higher value of 20%. Some stock market gurus see a return on equity between 10% and 20% as a good value.
  • We compare the change of the share price with the change of the index for the key figures “price change over the last 6 months” and “price change over the last 12 months”. When compared with the index, the key figure is only given a positive rating if the share outperforms the index (market average). The Levermann method only considers the change of the share price.
  • We do not use the “three-month reversal” key figure from the Levermann method. The reason for this is that we have already taken the development of the index into account in the key figures for price changes over the last 6 or 12 months.
  • We also do not use the key figure “analyst opinions”. From our point of view, this is only the personal opinion of individual people. It is often not clear which facts were used to form this opinion.
  • We have included the price-to-book ratio (P/B ratio) as a further key figure for the evaluation. Many stock market gurus such as Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and Joel Greenblatt use the P/B ratio for their assessment. The P/B ratio indicates whether the stock exchange price is higher or lower than the actual value per share. The actual value is calculated from the company's property (e.g. machines, buildings, computers) minus its debts. With a P/B ratio below 1, one could theoretically buy the company for less money than it is worth according to the balance sheet.
  • According to Levermann, stocks from the MDAX, SDAX and CDAX (small caps) are recommended to buy with a rating of 7 points or more. Our system recommends buying shares with a rating of 6 or more. We have determined that in the past years a rating of 6 points has led to a better result for the investor.

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