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TransparentShare - customers and expert opinions

Customer opinions


Extremely recommended – mandatory for shareholders

Since I started using this app, I found a lot of stocks that I hadn't even considered. First great successes, profits and dividends achieved. In addition, this app is completely clear and very easy to understand even for laypeople. And if you ever have a question, you get exceptional support. I even got a call, long after the usual closing time, mind you, and we talked on the phone and talked shop for 30 minutes. And look at the price. Stop looking for stock apps, because you've already found them right here. Definitely try it!!!”

Paddy2310, user

I think TransparentShare is awesome!

“The value strategy is implemented very well. You really save a lot of time evaluating a stock.”

Alexander Schuster, user


I trust TransparentShare

I don't know of any app that presents a complex topic like a stock valuation in such a clear and easy-to-understand manner.

Building trust in financial matters is difficult. I trust TransparentShare because the evaluation is completely transparent and the founder is honest, authentic and down-to-earth.

TransparentShare saves me a lot of time every day to look for interesting stocks in the complex world of stocks. I start my day with TransparentShare, looking at interesting stocks attentive, then inform me about the company and then make my decision. I don't want to start my day without TransparentShare anymore.

TransparentShare is fact based, transparent and to the point.

Alexander Fritzsche, user


I use TransparentShare to form my own opinion

I read Shareholder and Focus Money stock picks weekly. However, these recommendations are mostly personal opinions of experts or analysts which I cannot judge. I then use TransparentShare to form my own opinion based on data and facts. I think the simplicity and usability of TransparentShare is great!

Andre May, user


I became aware of stocks that I was unfamiliar with.

"Ingenious app! The daily updated emails with stock recommendations are particularly helpful. This made me aware of stocks that I was not familiar with. "

Customer and expert opinions 1

Thomas Hoffmann, user


The market has been waiting for an app like this for a long time.

"The app offers independent and neutral stock advice based on objective key figures at a very affordable price."

TransparentShare Walter Köning

Walter Koenig
Entrepreneur and former expert at Dresdner Bank


For the first time I understand how an evaluation comes about.

“I've been an avid user of TransparentShare for more than 17 months. The company takes its company name seriously and, as a layperson, makes the valuation of the shares very transparent to me.

For the first time I understand how an evaluation is made and which key figures work and how. Through TransparentShare, I became aware of stocks that I had absolutely not on my radar before.

Kudos to the TransparentShare team. "

Torsten Krebs, user

transparentshare - torsten cancer


A brilliant tool. It takes greed.

“TransparentShare takes away the greed by rationally justifying the stock recommendations. It brings inner peace and relieves the emotional process of when to buy or sell. " 

I have been a premium user for 3 months and can say that the way stocks are valued is conclusively understandable and has also proven to be profitable so far. I became a big fan of the Levermann strategy concept. TransparentShare is an ingenious tool!

Handling is child's play, news on the respective stocks can be reached quickly and concisely and you always have an overview of buy and sell recommendations.

This is exactly what helps beginners to gain a foothold in the stock market and makes it a smart daily companion in the world of stocks.

And since today also with the first S&P 500 US shares!

Big compliments and thanks for this great service, dear TransparentShare team! 

Michael Gassmann

TransparentShare - Michael Gassmann

+ 24.7% profit with Talanx

Jan Rüssel

TransparentShare - Jan Rüssel


+ 23% win with Hornbach

“I bought Hornabach shares on the recommendation of TransparentShare and made a book profit of + 23% in 10 weeks. The tool is extremely helpful. "

Christian Kröninger

Reliable analysis

“The investment in the premium package more than paid for itself in the first two months. I can only recommend."

Martin Moser

TransparentShare - Martin Moser

Simple and understandable

“Finally a clear app for stocks! Only the facts are presented in an understandable way without assumptions. So far it has been worth it for me. "

Gerold Schumacher

Customer and expert opinions 3


Expert opinions


Also a helpful guide for beginners

“The app is not only interesting for investors following the Levermann strategy. "Normal" investors also get their money's worth - for example because they appreciate the comprehensive database or want to supplement the Levermann strategy as part of their overall strategy.

TransparentShare is also a helpful guide and useful tool for beginners.

Even if you "only" want to have your current portfolio checked according to the Levermann strategy, you can do that in the app.

The founder has succeeded in developing a tool with which the Levermann strategy can be applied fully automatically without much effort or complicated Excel sheets.”

Dominik Wenzelburger
financial blogger up depotstudent.de

TransparentShare depotstudent.de Dominik Wenzelburger

Enthusiastic about the didactic preparation

"I took a look at the developed platform myself and am enthusiastic about the didactic preparation and the structured content!"

Luis Pazos
Manager, financial blogger and book author

TransparentShare - Luis Pazos


“The simple traceability distinguishes the system from other systems on the market. The decoupling of frequently emotion-driven recommendations makes the TransparentShare system so charming from boersengefluester.de's point of view. " Read the whole article. 

Gereon Kruse
Founder of  boersengefluester.de and former deputy editor-in-chief of BÖRSE ONLINE

TransparentShare - Gereon Kruse


Fully convinced

“Many large financial service providers could learn a thing or two here. A clear recommendation on my part. "

Thomas Vittner
Author, stock market professional and stock trading expert

TransparentShare -Thomas Vittner


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