100 new shares now at Transparentshare – Invest with confidence

TransparentShare has added 100 new stocks to the valuation portfolio. Discover stocks from Germany, the USA, Europe and international markets now and receive well-founded buy or sell recommendations thanks to automated data analysis. Use the intelligent assessment of TransparentShare for successful investing.
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transparentshare 100 new shares in the evaluation

100 new shares in the evaluation at TransparentShare

We've added 100 new stocks to our TransparentShare application to give you even more comprehensive reviews and recommendations. This selection includes a large number of stocks from Germany, the USA, Europe and international markets:


  • 48 German shares
  • 42 American stocks
  • 5 European stocks
  • 5 international stocks


The 100 new stocks cover a wide range of industries and sectors. From established multinationals to emerging start-ups, from traditional industries to innovative technology companies, our database offers a comprehensive range of investment opportunities.

Whether you are an experienced investor or just getting into the world of stock trading, TransparentShare has you covered with its user-friendly interface and automated rating system. Our app helps you make the right decisions by providing potential buy or sell recommendations based on objective information.

Get started with TransparentShare today and discover the latest opportunities in the stock market. Learn more about the 100 new stocks we've added and get inspired by our automated ratings and recommendations.

Note: In order to be able to view the valuations of the shares on TransparentShare free of charge, register as a user on our platform free of charge. Registration is non-binding and gives you access to our comprehensive reviews and recommendations. Just click on "Show review" and start your successful investment journey with TransparentShare.

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48 new shares from Germany

029 group DE000A2LQ2D0 Show rating
123driving school DE000A2P4HL9 Show rating
2invest DE000A3H3L44 Show rating
Adtran US00486H1059 Show rating
aifinyo DE000A2G8XP9 Show rating
Apontis Pharma DE000A3CMGM5 Show rating
Atai Life Sciences NL0015000DX5 Show rating
Beaconsmind CH0451123589 Show rating
Bike24 Holding EN000A3CQ7F4 Show rating
Binect DE000A3H2135 Show rating
Bio-Gate DE000BGAG981 Show rating
Cherry DE000A3CRRN9 Show rating
Clean Logistics DE000A1YDAZ7 Show rating
clearvise AG DE000A1EWXA4 Show rating
Cryptology Asset Group MT0001770107 Show rating
German Homeowners Union DE000A0STWH9 Show rating
DVS Technology DE0005538607 Show rating
EDAG Engineering CH0303692047 Show rating
Ekotechnika AG DE000A161234 Show rating
elexxion DE000A0KFKH0 Show rating
Epigenomics DE000A3H2184 Show rating
Adventure academy DE0001644565 Show rating
EV digital invest DE000A3DD6W5 Show rating
Gerry Weber Intl. DE000A255G36 Show rating
GIEAG real estate DE0005492276 Show rating
Going Public Media DE0007612103 Show rating
hGears DE000A3CMGN3 Show rating
Highlight Communications CH0006539198 Show rating
HomeToGo LU2290523658 Show rating
entertainment DE0006223605 Show rating
Limes Castle Clinics DE000A0JDBC7 Show rating
Linus Digital Finance DE000A2QRHL6 Show rating
Mediqon Group DE0006618309 Show rating
Mister Spex DE000A3CSAE2 Show rating
Porsche AG VZ DE000PAG9113 Show rating
SynBiotic DE000A3E5A59 Show rating
Net Digital AG DE000A2BPK34 Show rating
Netfonds AG DE000A1MME74 Show rating
niiio Finance Group DE000A2G8332 Show rating
Novem Group LU2356314745 Show rating
OTRS AG DE000A0S9R37 Show rating
OVB Holding DE0006286560 Show rating
Pyrum Innovations DE000A2G8ZX8 Show rating
ROY Asset Holding DE000RYSE888 Show rating
sino DE0005765507 Show rating
Softline DE000A2DAN10 Show rating
Synlab DE000A2TSL71 Show rating
Tokentu Investment DE000A3CN9R8 Show rating


40 new stocks from America

Advanced Auto Parts US00751Y1064 Show rating
AES Corp. US00130H1059 Show rating
Aflac US0010551028 Show rating
Albemarle US0126531013 Show rating
Alexandria Real Estate US0152711091 Show rating
allegation IE00BFRT3W74 Show rating
Alliance Energy US0188021085 Show rating
Alsaka Air Group US0116591092 Show rating
AMD US0079031078 Show rating
American Airlines US02376R1023 Show rating
American Electric Power US0255371017 Show rating
American International Group (AIG) US0268747849 Show rating
American Water Works US0304201033 Show rating
AmericasourceBergen US03073E1055 Show rating
Ametek US0311001004 Show rating
amphenol US0320951017 Show rating
aptive JE00B783TY65 Show rating
Archer Daniels Midland US0394831020 Show rating
Arconic US03966V1070 Show rating
Arthur J Gallagher US3635761097 Show rating
Artista Networks US0404131064 Show rating
Assurant US04621X1081 Show rating
Assurant US04621X1081 Show rating
AtmosEnergy US0495601058 Show rating
AutoZone Energy US0533321024 Show rating
Avalon Bay Communities US0534841012 Show rating
Avery Dennison US0536111091 Show rating
ball corp US0584981064 Show rating
Bank of New York US0640581007 Show rating
best buy US0865161014 Show rating
Bio-Rad Laboratories US0905722072 Show rating
BlackRock US09247X1019 Show rating
BorgWarner US0997241064 Show rating
Boston Properties US1011211018 Show rating
Boston Scientific US1011371077 Show rating
Broadcom US11135F1012 Show rating
Broadridge Financial US11133T1034 Show rating
Brown-Forman B US1156372096 Show rating
ElevanceHealth US0367521038 Show rating
Children Morgan US49456B1017 Show rating
stryker US8636671013 Show rating
xylem US98419M1009 Show rating

5 new stocks from Europe

AstraZeneca GB0009895292 Show rating
British Petrol (BP) GB0007980591 Show rating
Novo Nordisk DK0060534915 Show rating
Vestas Wind Systems DK0061539921 Show rating
Wheaton Precious Metals CA9628791027 Show rating


5 new international stocks

BYD CNE100000296 Show rating
Cleveland Cliffs US1858991011 Show rating
Gas transport Technigaz FR0011726835 Show rating
Vermillion Energy CA9237251058 Show rating
Trex CO. US89531P1057 Show rating


Note: This blog post does not constitute investment advice.


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